199? Perþ
1997 Vargsmål
2000 Germansk Mytologi Og Verdensanskuelse
2001 Guide To The Norse Gods And Their Names
2001 Речи Варга (Russian edition of "Vargsmål")
2002 Irminsûl
2006 Речи Варга II (Russian edition of "Vargsmål II")
2007 Скандинавская мифология и мировоззрение (Russian edition of "GMOV")
2007 Речи Варга (Revised Russian edition of "Vargsmål")
2010 Скандинавская мифология и мировоззрение (Revised Russian edition of "GMOV")
2011 Sorcery And Religion In Ancient Scandinavia
2011 Речи Варга (Revised Russian edition of "Vargsmål")
2011 Речи Варга II (Updated Russian edition of "Vargsmål II")
2015 Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism
2016 Magie et Religion en Scandinavie Antique
2017 Paganism Explained, Part I: Þrymskviða
2017 Paganism Explained, Part II: Little Red Riding Hood & Jack and the Beanstalk
2018 Paganism Explained, Part III: The Cult of Mithra & Hymiskviða
2018 Paganism Explained, Part IV: Valhöll & Odinn in Yggdrasill


1998 Satan Rir Media (Satan Rides The Media)
2007 Once Upon a Time in Norway
2008 Until the Light Takes Us
2013 ForeBears (DVD)
2018 Lords of Chaos


2015 MYFAROG v. 2.4 (RPG)
2015 MYFAROG v. 2.7 (RPG)
2016 The Coming: For MYFAROG
2016 Curses & Gifts: for MYFAROG
2016 Deus ex machina: for MYFAROG
2016 Travels & Treasures: for MYFAROG
2016 Men & Monsters: for MYFAROG
2016 Skills: for MYFAROG
2017 When Night Falls: for MYFAROG
2017 Spells & Favours: for MYFAROG
2019 MYFAROG v. 3 (RPG)


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1993 Niflheim Marco Lockhorts READ
05.11.1993 Petrified - READ
March 1994 A 1000 Years... of lost pride and dignity - The epitaph for religious propaganda Olv. Svíþjóð READ
1994 Burning Ground - READ
1994 C.O.T.I.M. Werner "Nyar" Linke READ
1994 Petrified - READ
1994 Sounds Of Death Karl Milton Hartveit / David Horn READ
1995 Aorta Kadmon READ
1995 Deprived Antoinette Flynn READ
January 1995 Pure Fucking Hell Nadrach READ
1995 Sounds Of Death Stephen O'Malley READ
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January 1996 Metal Hammer - READ
March 1996 Terrorizer Robert C. Sanchez READ
1997 Fritt Forum/Norsk Blad - READ
October 1997 Metal Hammer Tolis Yiovanitis READ
February 1998 Abruptum Josh READ
February 1998 Burzum.com Rainer Padamsee READ
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February 2010 Burzum.org People READ
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June 2012 Burzum.org People READ
04.06.2012 YCKM! Try to Kill The Metal! Guy YCKM READ
06.06.2012 Echoes Jirka Dvořák READ
November 2012 Look at Yourself Tolis Yovanitis READ
14.04.2013 Russian Dungeon Synth Community Paul von Aphid, Black Boyar, Alexey Kochkin READ


The Kingdom Of The Sun
Detaljer Rundt Stedsnavn I Germansk Område (Norwegian)
Hur Vi Bör Förstå Balders Död (Swedish)
A review of M. Moynihan & D. Søderlind's "Lords Of Chaos: The Bloody Rise Of The Satanic Metal Underground" (New Edition)
A personal review of Gavin Baddeley's book "Lucifer Rising: Sin, Devil Worship and Rock'n'Roll"
A personal review of Karl Milton Hartveit's book "Djevelen Danser" (The Devil Is Dancing)
Europe And Europe's Soul
An attempt at a review of Torstein Grude's "Satan Rir Media" (Satan Rides The Media)
The Viking Age And Christianity In Norway
A Comment To "Vargsmål" And Other Books By Varg Vikernes
Håvard Rem's "Innfødte Skrik - Norsk Svartmetall" ("Native Screams - Norwegian Black Metal") - An egocentric review by Varg Vikernes
An Introduction to our Ancestral Cult
East of the Sun, West of the Moon


A Burzum Story: Part I - The Origin And Meaning
A Burzum Story: Part II - Euronymous
A Burzum Story: Part III - The Lie-Propaganda
A Burzum Story: Part IV - Burzum In Norway
A Burzum Story: Part V - Satanism
A Burzum Story: Part VI - The Music
A Burzum Story: Part VII - The Nazi Ghost
A Burzum Story: Part VIII - On Overgrown Paths
A Burzum Story: Part IX - The Tomorrow
A Burzum Story: Part X - The White God
A Burzum Story: Part XI - Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
A Burzum Story: Part XII - Belus
A Burzum Story: Part XIII - Logos
A Burzum Story: Part XIV - Untamed Forever
A Burzum Story: Part XV - Forever lost in a Fantasy


Paganism: Part I - The Ancient Religion
Paganism: Part II - The Holy Grail
Paganism: Part III - The One Ring
Paganism: Part IV - Ultima Thule
Paganism: Part V - Sacrifices
Paganism: Part VI - Hygiene In The Pagan Era
Paganism: Part VII - Why Did Paganism Fail?
Paganism: Part VIII - Supernatural Selection
Paganism: Part IX - The Ancient Democracy
Paganism: Part X - The Origin And Purpose Of Religion
Paganism: Part XI - The Esoteric Runes
Paganism: Part XII - Why Paganism?
Paganism: Part XIII - Pagan Love
Paganism: Part XIV - The Mystery Of The Mysteries
Paganism: Part XV - The Mystery Of Time
Paganism: Part XVI - The White God
Paganism: Part XVII - Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia
Paganism: Part XVIII - Some sort of SRAS errata
Paganism: Part XIX - Comparative Mythology, my RPG & Europe
Paganism: Part XX - Pagan Honour


A Bard's Tale: An introduction to A Bard's Tale
A Bard's Tale: Part I - The Ring Of Andvari
A Bard's Tale: Part II - Green Havens
A Bard's Tale: Part III - The White God
A Bard's Tale: Part IV - Heimdallr
A Bard's Tale: Part V - Loki
A Bard's Tale: Part VI - The Rotating Wheel
A Bard's Tale: Part VII - Progress
A Bard's Tale: Part VIII - Religion or Reason
A Bard's Tale: Part IX - The Mistletoe
A Bard's Tale: Part XI - Pearls Before Swine


The Lords Of Lies: Part I - Lords Of Lies
The Lords Of Lies: Part II - Deus Ex Machina
The Lords Of Lies: Part III - Procul Este Profani
The Lords Of Lies: Part IV - Honoris Causa
The Lords Of Lies: Part V - Outlaw
The Lords Of Lies: Part VI - The Lords of Chaos Movie
The Lords Of Lies: Part VII - Impersonator's Paradise
The Lords Of Lies: Part VIII - The Neanderthal
The Lords Of Lies: Part IX - A Call For Resistance
The Lords Of Lies: Part X - Thieves and Frauds
The Lords Of Lies: Part XI - Under Friendly Fire
The Lords Of Lies: Part XII - Veritas vincit
The Lords Of Lies: Part XIII - On how Negroes became Fair-Skinned, Blue-Eyed and Blond in Europe


War in Europe: Part I - Cui bono?
War in Europe: Part II - The Price of Anti-Racism
War in Europe: Part III - Homo sovieticus
War in Europe: Part IV - Si vis pacem, para bellum
War in Europe: Part V - Breivik Unveiled
War in Europe: Part VI - Regarding Adam Lanza and His Tribe

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