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Understanding IQ in Europe

Quite often I use the argument that eye- and hair-color are good indicators of racial purity for Europeans. Those are recessive traits, and if your phenotype is recessive, then of course your genotype is too. If you look Nordic, you are Nordic! And yes: the Nordic look is the original European look: for all Europeans! Naturally, if you have some non-European traits, like dark brown or even black hair, and brown eyes, then you obviously have some non-European admixture. Not much, necessarily, but some, yes. If you are European though, you probably still are overwhelmingly Nordic, but those dominant non-European traits overshadow your "Nordic core".

Now, the reaction when I say these things is often that "Varg claims albino Africans with blonde hair and blue eyes are Europeans", or something like that. This is obviously a strawman: I am talking about Europeans. And non-Europeans, i.e. individuals who clearly are not Europeans, who in spite of that have European features (fair skin, blue eyes or blonde hair) are obviously still not Europeans, but actually non-Europeans with some (!) European features. They clearly have European admixture though. And perhaps ironically, often more so than very dark individuals with European passports.

There are other features than the three mentioned above, that make you European. Skeletal shape, not least skull shape, is perhaps the most important. I only use those three as examples, because they are the most obvious, the most visible, and therefore very easy to measure.

The topic I wish to discuss here though, is one argument often made, when I talk about this. You see, many claim that I omit to talk about "what really matters", and they list IQ as a determining factor for racial purity.


I could destroy their argument by simply stating an obvious fact: There are individuals with very high IQ in all races, so no, IQ in itself is not a determining factor for racial purity for Europeans. But I will say more...

Since the start of agriculture, in the late Stone Age, Europeans have developed from being a very homogeneous group (and yeah: I am also talking about IQ here) to splitting up into different... classes. Civilization naturally accelerated this dramatically. Instead of a race of nobles, our race developed into a race of nobles, middle class people and workers.

One group became lords ("distributers of bread) and ladies ("bread bakers"), another group assisted them, and a third group did all the manual labor. The need for high IQ was high in one group, not so high in the other, and low in the third.

When before the individuals with low or even just medium intelligence had perished, because life as a hunter-gatherer in Europe (!) demanded the ability to find quick and good solutions, plan ahead and make preparations for winter, and because the tradition of that time weeded them out (I will talk more about that another time), they now were able to survive. Even thrive, by doing manual labor for their lords. They not only survived; they multiplied, and made up an increasingly larger portion of the populations.

Note: in Europe they were (most places) all of the exact same race...

With time, the lords and ladies remained highly intelligent, because they still had to be, in order to manage the administration of society, and they could cherry pick when they married. The less desirable nobles would fall into the middle class. The more desirable middle class individuals would be adopted into the nobility. The less desirable middle class individuals would become workers. The more desirable workers would become middle class. The rest of them would remain workers. Quite simply. Quite logically.

And no: they did not have strict rules for inter-class marriage. This came later on, when the nobility became increasingly scarce, and the workers too numerous, and indeed when they started taking slaves (workers) from other race which indeed happened in the border regions of Europe. And yes, this explains the non-European admixture in even ancient European peoples living on the edges of Europe (that I started talking about in this post).

The most extreme example of this is of course Ancient Egypt, where the royals only were of European descent, and the rest of the population was not. In the end, the royals even married their own siblings, in order to "keep" the high intelligence and race, but of course ended up horribly inbred. Ultimately they died out (or perhaps emigrated to Ireland), and Ancient Egypt as a civilization collapsed.

Today the average IQ in Europe is about 100, give or take a bit, depending on where in Europe we travel. This is the average though. The median value for working class Europeans is probably only around 80, for middle class people around 110 and for upper class people around 130. They are all perfectly European though. So no, you cannot use IQ as a determining factor, for racial purity. You can use eye-, hair- and skin-color for this though, when coupled with skeletal shape of course.

The average IQ is around 100 though, simply because the most of the time perfectly European low IQ workers are more numerous.

Yeah, all of this means that most Europeans have an IQ of less than 100!

And to make it perfectly clear: median values and averages like this, do not mean there are no exceptions, in each and every social class! But when this happens, they tend to move up or down on this class ladder. Stupid people sometimes have children smarter than themselves. Smart people sometimes have kids dumber than them. Nothing is fixed or perfectly predictable in this context. When this happens, the kid will move up, or move down, on the class ladder.

The problem today is the same as when agriculture was introduced: society stimulates the dumb to have more kids than the smart, and also enables them to survive regardless. So the trend continues: we see more and more stupid people in society, and fewer intelligent people. Agriculture and civilization leads to idiocracy, unless perhaps strict eugenic rules are implemented.

Note though, that more and more stupid people are produced by this type of society also because they are needed. In order to keep the wheels running, you need people stupid enough to tolerate doing boring tasks, over and over again, without losing their minds. The low IQ workers are incredibly useful! The more, the merrier, for those in power! These low IQ workers will do all the tedious tasks, and be happy if you only throw them a little entertainment at the end of the day. First of all, football and TV, but other things too games, shopping, vacations etc. etc. etc.

No! If you are highly intelligent, and placed in the shoes of a worker, a bus driver, a cashier, a factory worker, a taxi driver, or whatever, you will be miserable. You will probably end up killing yourself. Society needs people with low IQ to fill those roles!

This is perhaps a digression, but if you read "Hitler's Tabletalks"*, you will also see that Hitler too was fully aware of this, but he was massively pro-civilization, so he encouraged those low IQ Europeans to breed: the more the merrier. He even handed out medals to the working class women who produced many low IQ children! He wanted more stupid workers and more stupid soldiers! Of course: they are the pre-requisites for a civilization to function!

When I talk about blue eyes and blond hair being determining factors for race, I am not discussing intelligence or class-related issues at all. I am not talking about civilization either. Those are separate issues, and I am fully aware of the fact that we need more intelligent Europeans, first and foremost. But no: intelligence in itself is not a factor for determining racial purity.

It should be, and I hope it will be, again, but it is not.

The essential point I wish to make here is that before we focus on IQ, we need to determine what group of people are actually our own, to begin with. When we have, we can work to improve the IQ in our group. The swarthy features (dark brown hair, black hair, brown eyes etc.) in our own group are there because of non-European admixture, and yes, we should work to remove them, over time (with eugenics etc.). And yes, the low IQ in our group is there because of agriculture and civilization, and hybridization too, and we should of course work to raise the average IQ as well. The ideal is a purely Nordic race made up of only nobles with a high IQ.


* "Hitler's Table Talk" (German: Tischgespräche im Führerhauptquartier) is the title given to a series of World War II monologues delivered by Adolf Hitler, which were transcribed from 1941 to 1944. Hitler's remarks were recorded by Heinrich Heim, Henry Picker, and Martin Bormann and later published by different editors under different titles in four languages.

Varg Vikernes

Understanding IQ in Europe

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