Lords of Lies: Part XIII - On how Negroes became Fair-Skinned, Blue-Eyed and Blond in Europe

If we are to believe the evolution religion (alias "science") each species and each race adapts to its environment over time. According to this religion the blackest Negro tribe moving into Europe will after some time turn white, change their nose shapes, grow a larger skull, grow a nose bone, grow larger pelvis bones, grow shorter lower arms, change the shape of their skulls, get thinner skin, get a little bump in the back of their heads (known in France as "the Math bump", because those who have it [i.e. fair Europeans...] are often very good with mathematics), change the angle of their forehead, change the length of their legs, change their metabolism, grow a larger brain, grow blue or gray eyes, lose their curly hair in favour of straight hair, grow blonde hair, and so forth, and they will also all of a sudden see a need for art, civilization, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, religion and so forth...

...sorry, but I have to stop. This is too bloody ridiculous. Yet, this is what most of us are taught to believe in. This is what most of us believe in today! Some even claim this happened in less than 12,000 years! In popular films about this subject (like the ludicrous "Ao") this even happened the moment the Negroes sat foot in Europe. Like *bang*! The Negro has become European in one generation! Very "scientific"...

Now, before these marvellous Negroes who were obviously masters of adaptation arrived in Europe there was another human species already living here, the Neanderthals, who were fair skinned, just like modern Europeans still are, had the same nose shape that Europeans have today, had an even larger skull than modern Europeans have, had the same nose bone that Europeans have today, had a larger pelvis, just like modern Europeans still have, had shorter lower arms, just like modern Europeans still have, had a different skull shape more similar to the skulls of modern Europeans than to anything else, had thinner skin, just like modern Europeans, had a little bump in the back of the head, just like modern Europeans, their children had the exact same angle of the forehead as modern Europeans have today, their legs were identical to those of modern Europeans, their metabolism was probably (we cannot know for sure about that) identical to the metabolism of modern Europeans, they had a much larger brain, even larger than that of modern Europeans, they had blue or gray eyes, they had straight hair, they had blonde hair, and so forth, everything just about exactly like modern Europeans still have.

Naturally, modern science claims that we the Europeans do not descend from these Neanderthals, although they admit that we might have a few of their genes in us. No! No! No! We too naturally descend from Negroes! We too come from Africa... and the poor degenerates already living in Europe, the ugly, hairy, grotesque and sub-human Neanderthals (as they are presented to us by the propagandists of the science religion), who had adapted to the European environment for at least 500,000 years, were outmatched by the marvellous Negroes from Africa who of course chose to leave Africa and go to Europe during the worst of the Ice Ages (I guess the glaciers covering most of Europe at the time were just too fertile and pleasant for them to resist this move). The Neanderthals were then, still according to the science religion I may add, outwitted and outskilled on their own turf. Naturally, the Negroes, still wearing their straw skirts (if any clothes at all), and famous for their superior intellects (...), were much better at surviving in freezing Europe than some sorry fur-clad native brutes?! So the Neanderthals became extinct, yes, yes, yes, and this happened around -28,000 before the birth of that filthy Jew Jesus, and the Negroes replaced them everywhere in Europe.


Now, if you allow me to come with an alternative theory in this context, please continue reading. You see, I will based on my wife's scientific (in the best meaning of the word) research (available here; www.mariecachet.com) claim that this official theory of evolution and the "out of Africa" theory is pure nonsense. I am not saying that every aspect of the theory of evolution is nonsense, but I am saying that the theory of macro-evolution is nonsense. If you e.g. have no genes for blue eyes, like pure Negroes, you will not evolve blue eyes. Ever. As simple as that. What I will suggest is that we the Europeans are Neanderthals. We are slightly different from our purely Neanderthal ancestors because we were mixed with Negroes in the distant past. Not much, but enough to change us (we have on average about 0,3% Negro-only genes in us). Not with Negroes who came to Europe either, but with Negroes living in Africa, whom we encountered when we were at times forced out of Europe by the different Ice Ages (only to return when they ended, with a few mongrels amongst us every time). This would explain why the Northern African natives have a few European features and also why the East Africans do too, because some Neanderthals remained or at least some of their genes did, and these genes were after thousands of years evenly distributed amongst those populations. The other Africans have no Neanderthal/European features.

When I say this a horde of "racially pure" racists will of course start to hate me like the plague, because I suggest that even our Nordic race is actually not pure after all, and that they have Negro genes in them, but bear with me. This is after all much better than the "scientific" version claiming we are Negroes (100%) who just happen to be white because we have adapted to our environment.

Now, you might ask why the facts my wife presents to us are not all over the media, because this is after all a huge scientific breakthrough regarding the origin of the European man! It changes everything. We are not even of the same species as the other human races! But, of course, this is not all over the media because it changes everything, because it proves that we are not even of the same species as the other races this is not at all what they want. They have their sacred cow the anti-racism agenda and they don't allow anyone to touch it. You can bombard them with all the facts in the world, and they will still not change their perspective or their agenda. The more facts you present to them the more they will lie and attack you, try to discredit you and your work and in general work against you. And they do this very effectively using renowned scientists and their science religion, that so many of us trust and believe in so blindly.

Ladies and gentlemen of Europe. Don't allow our European species to be degraded any more, to be reduced in quality through mixing with those other human races of the Homo Sapiens species. We too are mixed, yes, and the darker we are the more mixed we are, whether we like to admit this or not, but don't worry about that. We are still different, we are still unique and special, we are still European, and we must simply make sure that we will not have any more of that non-European blood mixed into us.

If you want or even need a more scientific explanation and proof of what I say you can read all the articles on www.mariecachet.com, ideally in a chronological order.

Fight anti-racism and those behind it by any and all means available! No matter what they say they are the criminals, guilty of genocide against the European species! Whatever we do is an act of self-defence. Whatever we say is to defend our human species and our race from extinction. We have all the rights in the world, even according to the UN and international law, to take action to defend our species, our race and our nations. It is our duty to do so!

Varg Vikernes
Bergen 29.12.2012

"One should go invited to a friend with good fortune, but uninvited if he has problems."
(European proverb)

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