War in Europe: Part VI - Regarding Adam Lanza and His Tribe

There are many websites and magazines dedicated to conspiracy theories out there and one thing that strikes me when I investigate this subject is how these websites and magazines consequently mix obviously ludicrous conspiracy theories with well founded conspiracy theories. They e. g. write about David Icke's claim that Dinosauroid-like Alien Reptiles are dominating the World and the claim that history as presented to us is full of lies in the same tone, as if both these theories fall into the same category. They talk about Americans wearing tin-foil hats to receive signals from aliens and historians who argue that something is amiss in the official history in the same tone, as if they fall into the same category.

They do indeed also speak about well founded conspiracy theories, and they have to, because these theories are out there and they are indeed well founded and everyone with a sharp mind and some knowledge who does some investigation will come to the same conclusion. The only thing they can do to undermine these theories is to list them alongside the ludicrous theories most of them probably created for this purpose. If you are given a list with 100 conspiracy theories and only 2 or 3 of them are real, then you are unlikely to ever find and study the real theories. You can only stomach a few of the ludicrous theories before you probably grow tired and find something else to worry about instead. They achieve what they want; you don't get to know of the real conspiracies in our world and you will automatically think of them as nonsense if you ever hear about them in the future. It seems as if they want to make sure that they can completely undermine any alternative theory in the public view simply by labelling it as a conspiracy theory. If it is we must of course all automatically think of it as wrong, and outright ridicules, and pay no more attention to it. End of story.

One of the theories that is given the least attention is of course the theory that Jews are trying to exterminate the European race. It is as far as I have seen only ever presented as part of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", which of course is a conspiracy theory that has been ridiculed and attacked for ages now. This is probably a conspiracy theory that most of us already think we know for sure is bogus.

Interestingly, if you actually study "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" you will find that the Jews have done and are doing almost exactly what this books claims they did and would do. You will also find that most of the editions of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" published after the war have been heavily censored and abbreviated. You even have to look hard just to find a copy of the whole book. They present to us evidence that "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is a hoax, that it was really based on a satiric play and written by an Imperial Russian intelligence officer to discredit the Jews (who were busy assassinating Russian nobles, blowing up their children with bombs and such, as part of the Jewish Nihilist movement [yet another Jewish terrorist movement] in Russia at the time [the late 19th century], to set the stage for their Bolshevik coup d'état), and of course it is impossible for us today to know whether this is true or not. But this is really irrelevant, because we can judge the book from its contents. If it makes sense, if it presents the facts as we can perceive them and if it is likely we can only come to the conclusion that it must be real; that whoever wrote this book had found the truth about the Jews and their sinister plans! If it is not real then it must have been written by a prophet with divine gifts, who were able to foresee all these things decades before they happened. Now, what is more likely, that some human being (perhaps a very smart Russian investigator?) found out about their plans and warned his contemporaries with a book/report, or that some by the Heavens gifted man with prophetic abilities wrote it for some inexplicable reason?

Today we are bombarded with accusations and ridicule by the mere mention of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", but those who accuse and ridicule us have probably never even seen a copy of this book themselves. They just parrot what others have said before them, and do what good slaves are supposed to do. They obediently do what they have been programmed to do (as "magically foreseen" in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"). Those who have the brains and guts to think for themselves will be disarmed the moment they Google it, and find the lists of utterly idiotic theories placed in the same category ("conspiracy theories"), and the vast majority of these good and honest men and women will cower and give up before they even find a full copy of the book themselves.

There are other real anti-European conspiracies known to us, but at least one of them is even illegal to discuss, but I can tell that Jews in the SSSR claimed that "6 million Jews" had been exterminated by the Germans in the 30ies, in other words before the war had even started. Well, Jews actually claimed this several times before the war, in 1919 and in 1921, as well as in 1938. Why did they claim this? And why 6 million every time? We all know it is false, even those of us who believe the Germans exterminated 6 million Jews during the war, but why did they claim this in 1919, 1921 and 1938 as well? What did they know that the rest of the world didn't know, if they as official history claims knew before it happened that Germany would exterminate 6 million Jews? What if they would have claimed this no matter what the Germans actually did or did not do to the Jews, because it was a part of their plan?

Alas! We are truly blue-eyed. We are so trustworthy, naïve and good that we are unable to see and indeed believe that the Jews can be that deceitful, cruel and sinister. We would never do to anyone what they do to us and others, and we erroneously think they are like us, so we cannot make ourselves believe or indeed fathom that they would do something like that either. The fact is that they do, they have always done, and they are not like us!

The porn industry is Jewish and designed to break down European morals and sense of honour. The banking system is Jewish and designed to turn us into debt slaves. Feminism is Jewish and designed to reduce the number of children born by European mothers. Capitalism is Jewish and designed to cultivate greed and egoism in Europeans. Socialism is Jewish and designed to break down the tribal and racial identity of Europeans. Christianity is Jewish and designed to destroy our traditions and values. Fashion is Jewish and designed to reduce the fertility of European women and increase the chance for them to (if they ever do) procreate with men from other human races. And so forth. The list of genocidal "programs" they have working is very long, and they are all working to fulfil their goal to exterminate us.

Now, the question many naturally have is of course why? Why on Earth would they want to exterminate us? The answer is simply because we the brave, skilled, creative, inventive, intelligent and honourable Europeans stand in their way of world domination. We are the exact opposite of Jews; we are honest, kind and racially healthy, we object to injustice and cruelty, and we think lying and greed are bad things, and so forth. We would not have allowed their rule, and we are much stronger than them! They on the other hand have always been slavers, money-lenders and assassins, full of deceit, cruelty, greed and dishonesty, and they have cultivated these horrible traits through their Satanic religion. For 3000 years they even demanded that in order to become a Jew you had to kill an innocent child (usually through stoning). Those of them who refused, because they thought it was wrong and immoral, were themselves stoned to death (for "blasphemy", as this had been ordered by Jehovah, their demonic anti-god). Now, after 3000 years of this practise they had pretty effectively weeded out any genes for goodness, so to speak, in their cult, and they were left with a group of thoroughly rotten, cruel and bloodthirsty individuals. The Jews we know today descend from these Satanic anti-humans, and they continue a form of this practise today (in a manner too disgusting and despicable to discuss here), as expressed in different ways by Jews like Adam Lanza and Jeffrey Epstein, and a whole long list of others too (who of course are always presented to us by the Jewish-controlled media as "white men"), and this of course explains not only why they want to exterminate us, but also why they are so over-represented in every criminal or in other ways immoral activity and business in this world; in illegal drug trafficking, in slavery and human trafficking, in illegal organ smuggling, in weapons smuggling, in the banking system, in professional assassinations (like Murder Inc.), in child massacres, in politics, in the porn industry, in paedophile rings, in prostitution, and in all other criminal and repulsive activities. Israel itself is the spider in the web of organised crime all over the world! And I dare say; of course it is. Israel is their safe haven.

To those who still think fondly of the Jews, and list all their scientific awards to prove just how wonderful they are, and perhaps even to prove that they are better than us (being "god's chosen people" and all), I can only say that this is nonsense. The fact that Jews hand each other awards, like Nobel prizes, is in no way proof that they are in any way superior to us. This is a part of their deceitful plan, and you are a fool if you think they are any better than us. They have e. g. infiltrated all the Nobel institutions, so I am today actually more surprised when a non-Jew achieves a Nobel award than I am when a Jew receives one. They cultivate their positive image, amongst other things by handing each other prestigious awards, as part of their deceitful plan, but if you investigate this further (and doing so automatically become labelled an "anti-Semite", of course, losing your job and social standing and everything in the process) you will find that behind this screen there is only deceit, treachery and lies. The "brilliant" Albert Einstein, presented to us as the Jewish science Messiah (like Jesus was presented to us as the Jewish religion Messiah, Freud was the Jewish psychology Messiah, Rosa Luxemburg the Jewish feminism Messiah, Karl Marx the Jewish socialism Messiah, and so forth), is known for his Theory of Relativity but the fact is that this is not even his theory! He stole the entire theory from a European, a Frenchman, Henri Poincaré. When you investigate this further you find that the Jews honoured with awards (of course by other Jews and/or their lackeys) have most often stolen "their" ideas (of course from Europeans) or they have received awards for absolute nonsense, everything to make the Jewish mongrel race of criminals look good to the public. This is all a part of their very effective lie-propaganda. The truth is that there are thousands of Europeans with brilliant ideas who, if they don't end up having their theories stolen by some Jew, are never allowed to develop their ideas, who never receive any awards or even any attention, because they are European. The most obvious and perhaps best evidence supporting what I say here is of course Hitler's Germany, who threw out the Jews and because of that within 12 years became the most scientifically advanced nation in the world! Although slightly improved (by Germans), the rocket science of today is basically the same as it was in 1945. German scientists also proved the connection between smoking and lung cancer even before the war, something the Jews didn't let us know until the late 70ies (80ies?) (when they were forced to accept it, simply because they weren't able to keep it a secret any longer). They wanted us to die from lung cancer, and they wanted to make money on selling us this poison as well, so they suppressed the "Nazi" science warning us about smoking. You would be surprised if you knew just how much European science has been suppressed by them and their lackeys, because it could not be implemented into their plan to exterminate us, because it could not be used in any way by them to achieve their goals. Needless to say all race science has been completely ignored, banned and ridiculed. They want none of that. E. g. they don't want us to know that diabetes was known as "the Jew-disease", and that it is a result of hybridization (with the metabolism of different races in conflict in the same body). The more race mixed you are, the more likely you are to get diabetes. The Jews being the most race mixed breed in the world naturally suffers greatly from this, and Israel suffers more than any other nation. The "epidemic" of diabetes we see in Europe today is naturally a result of this too; race mixing and immigration of race mixed individuals. Very few Europeans suffer from this. (NB! I can add that you don't have to be race mixed to get diabetes, and you don't have to get it either if you are race mixed.) This is in any case something they don't want us to know. It conflicts with their plan to finish us off using (amongst other means) race mixing.

With all this considered we are left with only one conclusion; we are at war. Europe is under siege! Our European race is currently being exterminated in a genocide that has been going on for 2000 years, and many Europeans (both Christians and Socialists and other internationalists too) participate in this genocide. We don't recognize their means of aggression, because they deceit and treachery are alien to us, but we are under attack. Europe is at war! Defend Europe before it is too late!

I have to stress too that Islam and Muslims are not the main threat to us. They are just a means used by Jews (who let them into Europe in the first place) to mongrelize us and finish us off as a race, and not least to make us fight for the Jews in their criminal wars. Our true enemy is the Jews! Never forget that!

You are all free to print, publish, use and distribute, translate and quote this article wherever and in any way you want. Only through the enlightenment of other Europeans (wherever they live) can we prevail and know that we will prevail. We always do. Light always prevails over darkness.

Varg Vikernes
Bergen 14.12.2012

"We have not inherited Europe from our forebears. We have only borrowed it from our children."

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