A Bard's Tale: Part II - Green Havens

Tolkien's fantastic Middle-Earth is inhabited by all sorts of creatures known from the mythology, but in a sense our real world is no different. We live in a world filled with hateful, cruel and self-loathing orcs and greedy dwarves, all dedicated to the destruction of our green and fertile world. They look like humans all of them, but they have the minds of dark elves; crippled and twisted minds. We live amongst men and hobbits too, though; innocent but weak and miserable creatures, desperately trying to do what is right. Luckily some of them succeed too: here and there we can spot an elf walking amongst us, a person who's mind will - when he or she dies - survive the purifying flames of Hel and return undiminished to our world.

Like in the magic realm of Tolkien, our elves don't thrive and blossom amongst common men, and just like the dark elves shun them, they shun the dark elves, and their scary, unwelcoming and barren cities too. Like all creatures they seek the company of others who are like themselves. "Birds of a feather flock together".

In Tolkien's Middle-Earth the elves sought refuge from the world's decay and corruption in vast forests; dark and dangerous. They built beautiful sanctuaries for themselves, green havens where they could cultivate the beauty of the world, untroubled - at least for a while - by the self-destructive behaviour of men and orcs. The elves amongst us are those who do the same. They refuse to let themselves be soiled by the filth of the modern world, and instead they return from whence we all came, Mother Nature!

So, my dear reader, if You hear the call of the forest, and feel the urge to embrace trees in the wilds rather than lamp-poles in the city, then perhaps You are turning into a finer creature? If You also heed this divine call, of Heaven and Earth, I am sure Your mind is just as beautiful as that of any of Tolkien's fair and noble elves.

Bless You all, beautiful elves. I hope to follow You one day, into the shadows of the old forests.

Varg "The Woebegone" Vikernes
27.06.2006 (Tromsø, Norway)

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