The Lords Of Lies: Part IV - Honoris Causa

There are a few things I wish to tell the administrators of other websites:
  • Don't take material from www.burzum.org and publish it on Your own website without my permission. © means "copyright", and articles marked "© Varg Vikernes" is my property. Stealing is dishonourable, and doing it on the Internet is no different.
  • Don't pretend to have my permission to publish my articles or anything else I have written when You don't. Lying is dishonourable and trying to lie behind a person's back is even worse. I am in prison alright, but I know perfectly well what is going on on the Internet, thanks to the invention of printers. I get updated on a more or less regular basis, from several different sources.
  • Men with honour respect what others tell them. When I for instance say that a website is a problem to me it does not mean that I am misinformed. It means that the website is a problem to me. You may not understand why, or even understand why I don't elaborate on this, but that changes nothing.
  • When somebody running a website uses my name/address but shows little or no respect for me or what I tell them, I start to suspect that they have ulterior and questionable motives for running the website. The fact that You never even bothered to ask me for my opinion does not make the situation any better. To misuse a person's name is dishonourable.
  • If you wish to give a "balanced" picture of Burzum and/or me You should get a job in the Jew-press. That's what they have been claiming to do the last 14 years or so now. "Balanced" means "edited", and "edited" means "censored and manipulated". And besides, what do You know about the truth in this context anyhow? I support www.burzum.org because it is not "balanced"; instead it contains the facts, uncensored and unedited, and anybody who wishes to make up an own opinion can do it by themselves, without the (patronizing) "help" of anybody else.
Anybody who wants to embrace the classical Indo-European values should know what honour means, and should live an honourable life too. If not for me then for the sake of their honour. If You are truly Indo-European, in mind and spirit too, then You hold Your honour higher than anything else. To advocate one thing and do another is Jesuitical.

There are many honourable ways to spread Indo-European values and culture. Misusing my name is not one of them.


Varg Vikernes

"An honourable death is better than a dishonourable life."
(Cornelius Tacitus)

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