Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Pure Fucking Hell" Magazine (#03, January 1995), by Nadrach

Pure Fucking Hell Magazine 1995Tell me something about your work with Darkthrone.

Mutual respect and honouring by hailing each other through our arts.

Did you do anything else on "Panzerfaust" except some lyrics? Did you contribute to "Caravans To Empire Algol" in any way?

All my contributing has been lyrical, both on "Transilvanian Hunger" and on "Panzerfaust". Nay, no Vargish work on "Caravans..."

Do you have any idea when these records are to be released?

Early 1995 A.Y.P.S, I do believe.

What about your own material? When can we expect to hear "Filosofem"?

In the winter of 1995 A.Y.P.S, in March perhaps...

I heard that your latest stuff were some kind of techno. Ambient perhaps? Does "Filosofem" yet fall into this category?

Nay, "Filosofem" are as metal as shining blades. Hliðskjálf, a second project, will be, not exactly techno, nor ambient nor house, but something like ritualistic trance-music for Ecstasy-magic and tribal dance.

Is it true that you originally played bass on Mayhem's "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas"?

Aye, unfortunately.

How did Euronymous get into Black Metal Mafia anyway? And how is it possible that he became the leader?

First of all, Euronymous never was the leader of our movement, although he desperately tried to give people the impression that he was. Secondly, the term "mafia" taste sour on my tongue. We had and still have, a movement - something like an anarchistic (dis)order - without any organization or leaders. It's all based on following a heathen symbology and ideology, not leaders. Still some persons has become symbols themselves, symbols of our struggle.

Is the Black Metal Mafia still working after all these imprisonments?

Still the same.

I hail you for killing Euronymous because you acted in the spirit of the ancient true Norse warriors. Have you received much "fuck off" letters or any death threats for this great deed of yours?

Not many, but some. Only some puerile kids too bored to find anything sensible but sending letters to people they do not like.

I think it is astonishingly ridiculous that bands waging war on Christians (and just about on everyone) are now screaming because you killed Euronymous. Do you find this amusing too?

It's proof of their stupidity. Self-contradicting idiots. First they scream about "survival to the fittest" next they mourn over some loser's death. Aye, amusing it is.

On the other hand, would it be better if all the "true" black metallers joined together and crushed the Christians before any inside quarrels!

Of course, but that's fantasy as the vast majority of the Black Metallers, "true" are but inept losers incapable of even stealing candy from children. Big mouths, but no courage nor any wits to even plot anything. If you want to find true Vikings search amongst the ranks of non-musicians short-haired "normal" people, and amongst the skinheads.

"Kerrang!" once stated that you planned to blow up certain church during Sunday mass, and that you worked with some neo-nazis on this one, is this true?

First time I heard this was when forwarded with that article that you speak of.

Are you, by any chance in the same prison with Faust?

Luckily for him, I'm not.

Samoth says that you are very insane and that you change your views very often... I don't quite follow his statement, so could you shed some light upon it?

I changed my opinion on him when he turned everybody he knew to the police, of course I change my view on people who turn out to be weak and cowardish police-informers!!! If I'm so God damned insane he should be more careful with what he is saying, I won't be in jail forever...

Tell me something about the order of Dungeon of Darkness. Is it led by you and Mr. Ray Williams?

Ask Herr Williams himself! His address is: Blood-Axis, 5 Rue Gabriel Pierne, 57000 Metz, France. He's doing a zine for our movement called "Filosofem" which costs $5. Good reading.

In "Burning Ground", #2 you stated that you don't drink or smoke (very wise choice indeed), but in the end of the paragraph you wrote: "Hail Methylene dioxy, floating in a dream of X.T.C." What on earth does this mean? Is Methylene dioxy a narcotic drug of some kind?

MDMA (Methylene Dioxy Methamphethamine) is LSD, acid, I support the use of hard drugs as it kill people, the weak people. Death to weaklings, log live the strong!!!

Reading many Burzum interviews I have gathered that you don't really like us Finns... In ancient Norwegian legends the lands of east (mainly Finland) are described as the dwelling place of wizards, demons and giants. Is your negative attitude based on this age old enmity or are there more reasons?

I have nothing against you Finns except some idiots amongst you. The ancient Norwegian legends speak of the East as the home of trolls. It is not Finland we speak of here. The laps come from the Cola Peninsula, so I guess the legends refer to them. Ugly little stupid beings. The legends also speaks refer to the Huns which invaded Germania from the coast. Again ugly, little and stupid beings!!! Hail all norsemen, fuck the rest!!!

As you are a son of Wotan, do you find Loki and the rest of the norse "evil" gods negative in some way?

All the Aesir and Vanir have their good and bad sides. Nobody is perfect!!!

Please name your favourite author of literature...

F.W. Nietzshe, A. Hitler, Goethe, Snorre Sturlason and more authors worth honouring. Fave literature is norse mytology.

Author: Nadrach (© 1995 "Pure Fucking Hell" Magazine Finland)

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