Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Asgardsrei" Magazine (#1, May 1998), by Jarl Donarssen

Well Varg, I guess everybody must know the famous Burzum/Mayhem story by now. You were a member of the Inner Circle, a group of satanic terrorists. Can you tell me what viewpoints the Inner Circle shared?

Well, I guess quite a lot of people know a story, but no doubt the version they know is fiction - more or less. Like when you talk about me being a member of "The Inner Circle", "a group of satanic terrorists", and so forth, that is complete crap. I won't accuse you of being an idiot or particularly easy to fool, nor will I accuse anybody else who believe in these mendacious stories to be idiots or the like, but I think it is quite amazing how much trust people have in the Jew-press. Have you ever considered that what the Jew-press, and others, are telling you might be lies, and that they may have a motive for spreading these lies?

There has never been an "Inner Circle" or any "Satanic terrorists" in Norway. Aarseth (a.k.a. Euronymous) had a record company. My band Burzum was for a time released on his label, and that is about everything that I ever had to do with him. He - on the other hand - wanted to make his label something special, so he created a myth around it which was purely fiction. This myth is what people believe to be facts today. When Vikings burned down Judeo-Christian churches, he took credit for it. When Vikings gained a lot of support from youth in Norway, he did his best to make them support him instead. Some believed "Satanic terrorists" were behind it all, others - more enlightened people - believed "modern" Vikings were behind everything. The latter group was right. However, the Judeo-Christian media did their best to support the lie that "Satanic terrorists" were behind it, as they know Paganism is a far bigger threat to them than some other Judeo-Christian religion, like "Satanism" is. So, you "all" believe in a Jewish lie, and by continuing to spread this lie, you serve the cause of Judeo-Christians! Do you get the point?

So, when the arsons started, there were other motives than merely a satanic statement?

The Vikings in Norway acted on their believes long before the lie about an "Inner Circle" was even thought about. Obviously the knowledge about European history is very poor in Europe, at least when it comes to the Vikings. I will give you an example, but first I will tell you a bit about when the first church was attacked in Norway - in modern times of course - by Vikings. Fantoft Stavechurch was burned the sixth of June in 1992 a.y.p.s. The Stavechurch was built in early middle-ages (i.e. around the eleventh century). It was sited in Hordaland, western Norway.

When we look at the records of history, we can find out that the Viking-age began with an attack on a monastery in England - Lindisfarne, a.k.a. the "Holy Island". This monastery was the head of the "Christianisation" of Norway. From there the missionaries were sent to Norway. This monastery was attacked and looted, the monks and other "holy" men were slaughtered and the monastery itself was burned to the ground. This attack was made by a group of Chieftains from Hordaland, Norway. They were tired of the Judeo-Christians who tried to push this new religion on the Norwegians. This attack was made the sixth of June 793 a.y.p.s. So, the sixth of June is the date that marks the beginning of the Viking age, both in 793, and in 1992.

So, how come people believe some idiotic "Satanic terrorists" were behind this? And then we get to the motives of the Judeo-Christians for spreading their lies. Most likely, you have heard of the saying "Save us from the fury of the Norsemen". Well, what do you think they fear the most, some ridiculous new Judeo-Christian group like this fictionary "Inner Circle", or a new Viking age? What is most likely to succeed in throwing the Jews and their ludicrous lying religions (like Catholicism, Protestantism, Satanism, Islam, Greek/Russian Orthodoxism; Jehovah's witnesses, and so on) out of Europe? Just another Jewish religion like "Satanism", or the native religion of all the European natives?

Yes, when I say paganism, I mean Wotanism for the Norse-Germanic peoples, "Jupiterism" for the Roman peoples, "Zevsism" for the Greek peoples and so on. The Greek, Roman, Celtic and Norse-Germanic paganism are all Aryan religions. Scandinavia was the last place in Europe to be Christianised (and it was hardly ever complete), it is only natural that Skandinavia is the first place to get rid of this anti-human death religion with so many names. But, this can only happen if the rest of Europe realizes that "Satanism" has nothing to do with this honourable battle against Judeo-Christianity. Heil Europa; let us make her Aryan, like she originally was!

So, after a while things didn't really work out between you and Aarseth. Can you sketch the events?

Things didn't really work out between me and Aarseth, or better between Burzum and his label, first of all because he did a miserable job with his label. Later I found out he was a communist, and even more disgusting things. So, I didn't want anything to do with him, and I found a new label for Burzum (Cymophane Productions). At the same time, a lot of people in Norway were tired of his bullshit concerning the fictionary "Inner Circle", and most people began to realize the truth behind the attacks on the Judeo-Christians. He lost his influence, and "of course" I was to blame. Fewer and fewer wanted anything to do with him, and at the same time I gained a lot of support. He had to live in a cheap "hotel" when in Bergen, to finish the Mayhem album. Nobody even wanted to give him a room to sleep while he was there.

He blamed everything on me, and told some friends of his that he intended to kill me, he even told them how. These "friends" were pretty tired of him as well, so one of them phoned me and told me what was going on. Of course, I was pretty pissed when I found out he planned to knock me out with an electroshock gun, then tie me up and transport me into some desolate wood, where he was supposed to torture me till death while filming it all. So, I went to his place, pretty pissed, to tell him to "fuck off" - to put it that way. However, when I showed up he was so frightened that he panicked and attacked me. You know the result of that attack.

Over the years, your appearance has changed a lot. Does it have to do with a change in your viewpoints?

My viewpoints haven't really changed, however, I no longer misuse notions - that is, I now use the correct words for things. My looks have changed a lot? Well, have they? It is right I coloured my hair black, in 1992 a.y.p.s., but this was to make me look more like a living dead. Dark hair makes the skin look even paler. I did this because of the Oskorei/Asgardsrei-concept, where the warriors are undead. The Army of Wotan, riding across the sky, the Army of the Dead. So, I did my best to look like one of those. However, the colour didn't last very long, turning to red after a while, and I didn't bother to colour it again as I didn't like it very much.

Today I look more like I did when I was in my early and middle teens, with the exception that I no longer wear any "dongeri" (you know, Levi's and such). Also, I try to keep it more thorough. I do not like to wear Levi's because it is a Jewish brand, and so forth.

So it is true that you were a National Socialist Skinhead before you met Aarseth? What are your thoughts concerning National Socialism and communism?

I have always been a National Socialist. I have supported the NS ideology since the day I became conscious. When I was in my early teens, I shaved my hair off and became more active. Later, I let my hair grow, so that I could look like a Norsemen as well. Today I am like I was before, a skinhead. "Once a skinhead, always a skinhead", no hairstyle can change that.

My thoughts on National Socialism and communism? National Socialism is life itself, the one and only rescue for Europa. Communism is just another Jewish ideology, like capitalism and the Jewish religions. Lenin was a Jew, Karl Marx was a Jew, and so on.

And what about Hellhammer? He has apparent National-Socialist sympathies. How was it possible that he got along with Aarseth?

Who told you he got along with Aarseth? Anyway, I think it is because he knew Aarseth that he doesn't judge me. He knew what a pathetic liar he was. Hellhammer even made jokes to me and the other Mayhem members, that we should kill Aarseth so that the band could start to work. And this was actually months before he actually was killed. When I talked to Hellhammer on the phone the same day Aarseth was killed, he was phoning to hear if it was I who killed him (and of course I had to lie and tell him no), at the same time he didn't actually "sound very sad" to put it that way. Hellhammer, like the other Mayhem-members, was sick and tired of Aarseth taking all credit for what the band did. Especially Hellhammer did all the work, while Aarseth took all the credit for it. To put it short, Aarseth was dispensable, Hellhammer was not. And of course, the political differences made the whole thing even worse.

As for the people who "judge" me, let them do as they please, however I find it strange that even anybody sides with a pathetic, lying, communist-bastard like "Euronymous". Losers support other losers you know.

You released the "Dauði Baldrs" album. In the past, you didn't have the opportunity to make music in jail. How did this change?

I had the opportunity to record an album for some months in 1995, so I did - on a computer. Now I don't even have the "opportunity" to have a walk-man in my cell.

Why didn't you choose from the art of Kittelsen for the new album? Who did the artwork this time?

A woman named Tania made the visual art (especially) for "Dauði Baldrs". I selected the artwork on "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" from a collection of Kittelsen drawings called "The Black Death", in this context meaning the spiritual black death - Judeo-Christianity. The "Filosofem" art is from different Kittelsen collections.

Is it true that the "Einsatz" shirts will be taken out of print? Isn't this kind of censorship typical?

I do not know if the "Einsatz" shirts will be taken out of print, but I do know the T-shirt is selling extremely well. No doubt, NS-people and our work face more problems than anybody else, because of our ideology.

How do you feel about the Nordic Metal album? What is your relationship with bands like Abruptum, Dissection, Emperor, Mysticum, Marduk, Enslaved... as they refer to you as "wimp", "traitor"... pretty childish words from the spawn of darkness, don't you think?

Well, I have never heard of this album. My relation to the following bands is:

Abruptum - "IT" is a 1,5 m tall gypsy. Need I say more?
Dissection - I have heard of them, but that's about it. Who are they anyway?
Emperor - Police informers
Mysticum - Never heard of them
Marduk - I know "Evil" from Abruptum is in this band, and that is about everything I know about them
Enslaved - Police informers

Okay, let us call me a "wimp", but what does that make "Euronymous"? If he attacked me - a "wimp" - and ended up loosing the fight, and his life by the hands of a "wimp", isn't it pretty logical that he is even more "wimpy" than I am? Hahahaha. Well, seriously, I find these guys completely uninteresting and self-contradictory. I never give them a thought, except when I have fun with them in interviews like this. Simply ignore them. Who cares what gypsies and police-informers say anyway? They are just pissed on me because I was more fit for survival than their homosexual communist "hero" (Euronymous), and now the "evil misanthropes" are mourning over the death of some pathetic heavy-metal jerk. What happened to their "Might is Right", "Survival of the Fittest" and other slogans? Maybe it is just an image for them, and the only way for them to get attention is by talking shit about me?

Will your book "Vargsmål" be translated?

My debut book will most likely not be translated into English or German. It is translated into Danish, and will perhaps be translated into Swedish, but that's it. It is a book for Scandinavians really, written from a Scandinavian perspective. This is not final however. Maybe we will translate the book into other languages anyway. It depends on a lot of other things. My next books will be written for a wider audience - so to speak.

Concerning Germanic paganism, do you think that Odinism was/is one big religion for the whole of Germania, or are there deep differences?

The differences are few, and only minor. Ásatrú, or Odinism if you want, was and is a religion for all of Germania (including Scandinavia and all other areas inhabited by Norse-Germanic peoples). In continental Germania we have Wotan or Wodan and Donar or Donnar, in British Germania we have Woden and Thunor, in Scandinavian Germania we have Odin or Oden or Odinn, and Tor or Thor or Thórr. But, they are all the same - only different names. Wotan und Donar.

Do you worship the gods as being divine or rather being symbolic entities?

The Æsir and the Vanir are divine, symbolic, biological and historic. They are everything, depending on what you want them to be.

Naturally, you are proud of being Norse-Germanic. Are there other peoples or races you sympathize with?

The Norse-Germanic people are the most homogenous of the Aryan peoples. The role of our people is thus very important. Some of the Aryan peoples are lost, like the Sumers, the Iranians, the Afghans, the Indians and the Egyptians. They are lost, and that is forever, due to interbreeding. Other Aryan (or perhaps "originally" Aryan) peoples, like the Greeks, the Romans, the Slavonic and some others, are "repairable" through eugenics. The Celts are fairly homogenous, and even the Norse-Germanic people need some "repairs" - especially in Europa (well, of course Scandinavia is a part of Europa as well, but I have a tendency to "forget" this, so...).

Originally all these peoples consisted of blonde and blue-eyed (that is blue- or grey-eyed), fair-skinned individuals. And it is our aim to return to such greatness, not through murdering everybody who is not "pure enough", but through eugenics. It will take a while, but it shall happen. Non-European peoples however... let us just say the Holocaust-lie will most likely be made truth in the future.

Don't the ancient Egyptians and the Sumers differ a lot from the other Aryans? Aren't they Semitic?

The Sumers were Aryans, but their slaves were Semitic. The Mesopotamians were Semitic however. The rulers of Egypt were Aryans as well, but not the people. Most of the drawings from ancient Egypt have been re-coloured by people living today. The original art showed (and some still shows) white rulers, together with coloured peasants, slaves and the like. They were the tribes of the Aryan race who perished, along with the Iranian tribe, the Indian tribe, the tribes that migrated to China, and the others. Only the tribes that traveled to Europa survived - some only barely. You should not trust official history, it is full of lie propaganda!

Before World War II, you could even read in encyclopedias that White people are different from other races. It was proved that Whites' IQ's were 15 points higher than blacks, and that we have a different physiology up to cell level, etc. What are your comments on this, and what are your specific viewpoints concerning this matter?

As a Norwegian National Socialist I know a great deal about this, as it were Norwegian scientists who knew the most about this subject (closely followed by German and American scientists). I have read a lot about this, scientific material from the Race hygienic Institute in Oslo, and it is beyond any doubt that the Aryan Race differs from all the others. And of course, there are differences between the Aryan peoples, depending on how "Aryan" they are actually.

The facts are, as you say, deleted from the encyclopedias after the second world war. They were deleted simply because lying is a part of the Judeo-Christian ideology. The scientific facts can only promote racism as an obvious thing, people would not have made children with individuals of other races if they knew the consequences, and not least, nobody would have accepted the misantrophic and anti-human Judeo-Christian religions if they knew the facts about human genealogy. Judeo-Christianity has as main goal the destruction of all homogenous races so that their strong power of resistance against Jewish misanthropy would collapse. The only thing that prevents Judeo-Christian anti-life worshipping to become dominant on Mother Earth is our pure blood. By destroying this, through interbreeding, they will achieve their goal. Our pure blood is our strongest weapon against Jew-worship. This is why Judeo-Christians import alien races into Europa, excused as "humanitarian work to help those in need". This is why they attacked Germany in the first place. Germany was a healthy and sane nation, who got rid of Jewish influences - more or less. So, when this fresh and healthy wave spread across Europa, the Jew-power organized and attacked just after Germany declared that it would take back the lands that rightfully belonged to Germany in the east. After crushing the healthy plant on Mother Earth, Hitler-Germany, the Jew-power did their best to destroy the facts, concerning most things actually. They invented a lot of crap to keep the Aryan spirit down, like the lie about the "Holocaust", and so on. You know the rest, how does Europa look like today?

I guess this Race hygienic institute is closed by now... is there any way to access their studies?

The institute was shut down just after WWII, by the New Zionist Occupational Government, that got the power in Norway after Germany's (temporarily) surrender. I got their results of the work they published, handed over to me by old NS-people.

Another great plan of all European countries is the European Community. Lots of people oppose to it. Poor Southern countries get the chance to become parasites, living of the strong economies of Western and Northern European countries. Do you have an alternative of the European Community?

Yes. First of all, divide France into four. Alsace-Lorraine goes back to Germany, Bretagne becomes a new state. The rest is divided between Rome and Germania. Northern parts of France shall be handed over to Germania, like Normandie, and the rest to Rome. Great-Britain is perhaps divided into a Germanic part (England), and a Celtic part (Scotland, Wales and the parts of England just south of Wales), Northern Ireland is handed over to Eire, and to stop the fighting in Northern Ireland, the protestants are given two options: get the hell out of Ireland back to England, where most of them come from anyway, or become Catholics. Of course, both of these Jewish religions shall be crushed, and replaced by the Celtic paganism in these areas.

Poland shall hand back all territories taken from Germany. Spain, Italy, Portugal and parts of Yugoslavia shall make up the new Rome. Northern Africa shall be handed over to Rome as well, making it Roman colonies. Greece shall be handed over all the territories in the neighbouring lands they want, like areas in Turkey, Macedonia perhaps, and more. In short, Europe shall consist of only three nations; a Celtic, a Germanic and a Roman. Each of these nations shall be divided into many small areas, like Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein, Pommern, Saxony, Bayern, Wallonica, Normandie, Vlaanderen, Ostmark, Böhmen, Thuringen, Gotland, Sveariket, Norway, and so on. All these areas have a council ruling it's territory and a representant in the Germanian council, seated in Berlin.

All territories may keep their native language, but everybody in Germania must also learn German fluently (simply because it is the most common Germanic language in Europa), so that everyone can understand each other.

In Rome, the structure shall be the same, as with the Celt nation. But of course, all Celts learn English (but only if England is part of the Celtic nation) instead of German, and all Romans learn Italian, or Latin instead of German or English.

It might be necessary to include all white nations in Germania, even the USA, South-Africa, Australia, and the other white nations (well, they will be white after we have finished...). The goal is to make the whole world Aryan, and then start to colonize the universe. But first of all, we need to cleanse our Mother Earth, remove all "genetic garbage" from the face of our planet. A united white world can do as it pleases on this planet, nobody can threaten us. Then we can start to carpet-bomb China... In short, the alternative for the Jewish "European" Community is Germania!

In conclusion, what will you do when you will be free again? Will you try to get out of the picture, and lead a quiet life, or will you use your fame for other purposes?

There is little needed to be said, you will know what you need to know when you need to know it... got it? I have no comments on my personal plans for the future, for many reasons. Save on perhaps: Meine Ehre heißt Treue! That'll be all for now. Hail the fourteen words. Hail to all co-religionists out there! The future belongs to us! Heil Wotan!

Thank you for the interview Herr Vikernes!

Author: Jarl Donarssen (© 1998 "Asgardsrei" Magazine USA)
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