The Lords Of Lies: Part II - Deus Ex Machina

In 2005 I published an article called "Euronymous" (in "A Burzum Story"). I did this in an attempt to stop all the lies and false rumours put out by journalists, reporters, my enemies, my "friends" (!) and indeed even by the legal system in Norway. I heard dozens of different theories regarding the "true" reason why I ended up killing Aarseth, and they were all nonsense.

In early 2006 the department of justice was supposed to consider my application for a release, and "by chance" the press in Norway, at the exact same time, decided to write about this "Euronymous" article, and told their readers that I was "bragging" about the killing. They also interviewed the prosecutor in my case, who according to them said that my story was "new", "different" from my 1994-story and "not correct".

They seem to forget about the fact that I described the killing of Aarseth in "Vargsmål" too, a book I wrote in 1994 and published in 1997. All those who have read both this (poor) book and my article about "Euronymous" will know that my story has been the same all the time, and I think the prosecutor must have mistaken his 1994-theory for the truth. Well, I'm sorry to say so, dear prosecutor, but Your theory was nonsense.

My story is the truth, but of course I can say that a million times and it won't change anything. So I have decided to instead publish a letter I received from a former friend of Aarseth, after he read my article. For now he insists on being anonymous, because he fears media-prosecution, so I have blacked out his band's name, a date and his signature.

The letter is in Norwegian so I have translated it into English to help the reader understand what he says. Enjoy:



I have never met you, i.e. I know you played in Old Funeral when you were support for [band name] in Bergen in [date]. You probably peripherally know who I am anyhow.

I have for a long time had my suspicions regarding the real reasons why you killed Aarseth, but a light was turned on when I read what you had published on Burzum.org. I was touring with Mayhem last spring and heard a version of this from Jan and Jørn backing your story. They were also tired of Aarseth at the time. I remember I withdrew from the milieu the summer of 1993 because of all the commotion in the media with the church fires et cetera. I met Aarseth in a pub in Oslo and he said he wanted (or "had in mind") to get rid of you. I also know that you had a good reason to feel threatened because he had gotten rid of people before with poison and so forth. I remember this especially well nowadays because I began writing a book about my own 90ies and the memories are coming back to me as I write the script. I don't know why I am now writing to you, but I guess it's an attempt to work myself out of everything that happened. A darkness clouds my own memories from 1986 to 1993 that I work on here. I now understand much better than I did then about how we all were deceived into a sphere of lies through Aarseth's philosophy about how the scene should be like.

All of this are things I hope no young ones today are bothered to be deceived into. I am pissed when I remember all the idiotic things Aarseth had in mind.

Good luck with the rest of your time in prison and just be aware that we who know more than the media version will hardly blame you for anything when you get back out.

With friendly regards,
[e-mail address]"

The letter speaks for itself, but I guess I should explain what the author means when he says Aarseth had gotten rid of people before, with poison. He refers to something that happened in (I think) 1990, when Aarseth according to himself poisoned a Polish guy (I think with arsenic) because he "got tired of him". He carefully claimed, in 1991, that the Polish guy had become very ill and because of that "finally" returned to Poland, where he died after two or three months.

Aarseth was a notorious liar, so I don't know if this is a true story, but that's what he (and the other Mayhem guys) told us anyhow.

In addition to this I wish to add that Aarseth was a convicted felon. He had a conviction for aggravated assault, because he once injured two guys with a broken liquor bottle in a fight on a bus stop. He was not a very nice guy, and obviously I had my reasons to fear for my life when he decided to "get rid of" me. He planned to murder me.

I'm not "bragging" when I speak about the killing. I'm just trying to defend myself against the lies and false rumours. This is my right, in fact it's a human right, and I expect that even the most petty, degenerated and retarded journalist scum out there respect this.

Why don't You interview Aarseth's former friends instead, Jan-Axel Blomberg and Snorre W. Ruch and others, who can all confirm my story and tell You that I have been right all the time?!

I was falsely convicted in 1994 (and 1998 too for that sake) and the journalists in Norway know it. But they're all Judeo-Christian or Socialist extremists and I'm a Pagan/Nationalist, so…

Varg Vikernes
06.10.2006 (Tromsø, Norway)

Cogitationis Poenam Nemo Patitur
(No man is punished for his thoughts)

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