The Lords Of Lies: Part VI - The Lords of Chaos Movie

The Lords of Chaos Movie

The first question that came into my mind when I heard about the plans for a Lords of Chaos movie was "why"? Why on earth would anyone want to make a film based on that worthless book? How is it even possible when the book is made up of nothing but a number of inaccurate interviews, supplemented by unfounded claims and meaningless and utterly ignorant theories by the writers? When I saw that I was a character in the movie I was even more puzzled, and my next question was naturally; "can they even do that?" They never asked for my permission to use my name or my story.

Now, they are apparently basing the story of this movie not on my story, but on the Lords of Chaos story. Unfortunately the Lords of Chaos story is not only nonsense; incoherent and utterly contradictive, but it is also very lacking in information regarding the lives and traits of the individuals to be included as characters in the movie. One could easily think that this would make it impossible for anybody to make a movie based on this book, but of course if you simply fill in the holes yourself...

As I write this I am smiling, because this is funny. In a bizarre and weird kind of way it really is. They base it on a fictional story that is based on real events and poorly written by two ignorant amateurs, then write a script without ever talking to anyone who might know something about the story the two ignorant amateurs base their story on, and then have a few more Hollywood individuals re-write the script a few times, to make it fit into the Hollywood-mold, of course. What are we left with? Well; another Hollywood movie "based on real events", of course. (You don't actually think the other Hollywood movies "based on real events" are any better, do you!?)

I honestly couldn't care less about what this movie might do to the contemporary Black Metal scene, or what it might do to any other metal scene for that sake, so I am not even going to discuss that. Being an egocentric and egotistical bastard I naturally only care about what this movie might do to me, and you know what? It cannot hurt me, no matter what. It can only increase my market value, so to speak, making it easier for me to sell more albums, publish and sell more books, and so forth, so... It'll give me even more freedom to do what I want. If I want to I can always tell the true story myself, later on, and even more individuals will be interested in the true story if these guys make the movie. I don't know if they have considered this, or if they care at all, but this is a fact.

Now, I really don't like it when others spread lies about me, and I can tell my truth well enough without their movie promoting my name, so if the movie is a complete failure I will only be happy. If it is a success I will also be happy because that will increase my market value even more. So; good luck, guys, or don't... I really don't care. It's a win-win situation for me.

With that said, I really have to say that the makers of this movie should be ashamed of themselves. They never asked Euronymous' family for permission to use his tragic story. Nor did they ever ask for my permission to use my story. Instead they went behind our backs and went to the lowlife writers of Lords of Chaos. They are in my eyes and for this reason alone nothing but dishonest scum and deserve to be boycotted by everyone and everything out there. Go find another host, you spineless parasites!

Varg Vikernes
December 2009

Written for www.burzum.org exclusively.

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