The Lords Of Lies: Part XI - Under Friendly Fire

Personally I have since adulthood always been frustrated with the media, but being in prison most of the time since 1993 I haven't had the opportunity to personally use any other means to express myself publicly. I chose the lesser of two evils and some times talked to them, but only when I needed to put pressure on the system or wanted to express politically incorrect opinions in a world where I saw nobody else doing this. The last time I gave an interview to a (non-music) commercial magazine was in 2009, when I spoke to a journalist from "Dagbladet" (a "Norwegian" newspaper). I had just been released from prison and the media was pressing me for an interview. I decided to give them one, to fight back against the many lies and successfully spread dissident ideas in Norway and beyond because of that. The journalist who did this interview was not only left-wing (as all the journalists are in Norway), but also either had too much to do and/or he was for lack of a better word incompetent (as all the journalists in Norway seem to be). He even managed to leave out whole words from quotes, such as the word "never" when quoting me saying "I never planned to kill Aarseth". So according to him "I planned to kill Aarseth". I managed to correct this, but if I hadn't demanded he changed it before he sent it to print he would have made this mistake and all the individuals who dislike me or what I say out there would have been able to for all eternity claim that I had admitted myself that "I planned to kill Aarseth".

The rest of his article was so poorly written (grammatically) and so littered with factual mistakes and misquotes it shocked me! When I tried to correct his mistakes he most of the time failed to understand what I said or he just ignored me. I don't know what his problem was. Several of the factual mistakes were to be found in the printed interview.

So I gave up on the (non-music) media, even though I did succeed in spreading many dissident ideas through the use of the media. The price to pay was just too high for too little effect, and by then I had the opportunity to use other mediums instead.

Now, I had the opportunity to try and correct his mistakes, and he still only managed to correct some of them, so imagine just how many misquotes and factual mistakes all the other journalists writing about me or my case since 1993 have made! The absolute worst is of course the one done by a journalist for "Bergens Tidende" (another so-called "Norwegian" newspaper) in January 1993, but I have yet to list a single experience with any journalist as positive. They all lied, made up things I supposedly had said and/or intentionally misinterpreted or misquoted me. And yet I felt I had to talk to them in order to avoid even more extreme crimes committed by the system against me. I spent 4 more years in prison than I was supposed to1, but if it hadn't been for me talking to the media in Norway I would have still been there and would not have been released until in 2014. If ever.

Many will object to me (or anyone else for that matter) quoting Adolf Hitler, but I think he said something like; "The more the media is attacking a person, the closer he is to us and the more we should support him" in "Mein Kampf". In spite of this individuals who call themselves National Socialists are attacking me based on what the media says about me, and use the media as a source when trying to find reasons to attack me.

Heathens on the so-called right wing of politics also often attack me. (Well, I am not saying the Heathens on the so-called left wing of politics aren't doing the same, but who cares about them or what they say anyway?) They seem to do mostly because they don't like what I say about our mythology and our old religion, after reading and obviously believing in Jewish-made lies about these subjects before reading my books or articles, but they too always end up using the media as the primary source when trying to find things to use against me.

Not all of the National Socialist or Heathens use only the media as a source, but instead choose to intentionally misinterpret everything I say and write (including my books) and fail completely to understand what or why I said the different things in the first place. All their attacks are of course "backed" by media reports. Excellent!

In the meanwhile whilst they are occupied attacking me (often over semantics) and I am occupied trying to stop them or defend myself against their false accusations our common enemies are lurking in the background, behind our backs, poisoning the minds and wells of those we are supposed to help and fight for; the peoples of Europe (as a biological term).

Dear friends, whether you think of yourselves as Heathens, Nationalists, National Socialists, Pagans, Wotanists, Odinists, Shamans or frigging Rune Dancers or Cloud Walkers for that sake just please stop using lies and your own deliberate misinterpretations to attack me. I know the Jewish-owned media is and has been doing its best to undermine my credibility for all these years, but I would believe that you, at least, would be able to appreciate this fact. I might be naïve, but I trust that you are not all unable to think for yourselves.

Know also that it is possible to have more than one thought in your head at the same time, and also that some times it is necessary to compromise or at least tone down a few facts and this can be especially necessary when you e.g. are in prison and suffer from mistreatment by a hostile government, or when you get out of prison and a whole music industry is campaigning to make sure nobody signs your band because you are "Nazi scum".

Now, I will also pick up another topic here, namely the insistent whining about me disliking or favouring certain European nationalities. I hear that I don't like the English, or the Germans, or that I am Russophile (which apparently is a terrible thing to be), and so forth. Well, I am sorry to disappoint all those who like to use this against me, but I do not dislike neither the English nor the Germans, nor any other European people, and me criticizing what a people has done or is doing is not synonymous to me disliking them. E.g. the whole nation of Norway was drowning in alcoholism in the 16th century, because the priests told everyone (in church!) that alcohol was "the water of life" (aqua vitae), and Norway almost collapsed as a nation (a part of Denmark) because of this, and the Norwegian economy did in fact collapse, but when I say that does this mean I dislike Norwegians or the Norwegian people? Of course not! We all have made mistakes as nations or gone through bad periods, and all nations have acted and reacted in both good and bad ways, and pointing at these facts does not mean we dislike them.

As for me being Russophile and apparently because of that being a traitor to the fictional "Aryan race" and an enemy of Germany and the USA or some other nation, I think that falls on its own stupidity, but I will still say a few things about this here. The Jews hated the Russians for not giving them free reign to destroy Imperial Russia (which they later did, of course, with Bolschevism2) and more importantly for disclosing them in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"3, and because of that amongst other things created a very negative picture of them (in particular) in Germany (but also elsewhere). So, if you wish to continue on that path, and want to keep calling our noble Russian brothers and sisters "sub-humans" or "a brown race" or "inferior" and so forth, like many of you do now, I suggest you ally with those who are closest to you in this thinking, namely the Jews, instead of your European racial brethren. Or maybe those who say this are actually Jews themselves, pretending to be European nationalists (as is the case with the Fjordmann character), to sow strife amongst those who oppose or might in the future oppose them? The Jews have the same extremely negative view on us, the Western Europeans, and in case you haven't noticed yet; they are doing to us today what they did (and still do) to the Russians! They try to destroy our positive image in the rest of the world! Because of them and their work everyone in the world are thinking worse about us for every hour passing by. The USA and NATO is of course doing a marvellous job in assisting them in this (of course because the USA and NATO are Jewish-controlled entities), as is feminism (turning our women into sterile and revolting creatures), liberalism (forcing us to accept all forms of depravity), capitalism (destroying all ethical values), humanism (making us think all human races are equals), Christianity (making us accept the Jews as "God's chosen people", and thus in effect accept whatever they do), internationalism (tearing down our tribal identities) and all the other Jewish -isms and religions created by Jews to destroy our European race and of course all the originally good and honest Europeans deceived by Jews to adopt such -isms/religions and fight for them are too.

I am sorry for being not very diplomatic when I speak. Ever. This is a flaw, I know it, but bear with me; it is also a good thing. I am because of this flaw not at all afraid to speak up against our common enemies either. And I do, and I pay the price for doing so every single day of my life with pleasure I may add. I would not have it any other way. I am not some "armchair general", spreading vile shit about others on different forums online, perhaps even using a nick to hide my true identity because I am too coward to stand for what I say or believe in, or some dishonourable low-life stealing another person's identity for reasons unfathomable to me. I spent 16 years in prison for "crimes" committed mostly by others, and for defending my life against Aarseth (who was both a Communist, a Norwegian-Sami mongrel and a self-proclaimed Satanist, by the way), and I did solely because I was seen as a threat to the Jewish-controlled community4. You make a grave mistake when you trust what the media says about me and let their hatred towards me prevent you from appreciating what I say myself. When they succeed in making you (too) hate me they win. You and I lose. Our European race loses. Is that so hard for you to understand?


1I was sentenced to 21 years in prison, but in Norway at the time (1993) this meant automatically 12 years in prison and the rest on probation. The "Norwegian" parliament changed this law in 2001, and declared that those who were sentenced to 21 years in prison should instead serve 14 years and then only be released on probation if the prison authorities believed this would have a purpose. Now, the criminal part of this is that they made it retroactive! This was not only a violation of the Norwegian constitution, but also of International law, and thankfully I had an army of lawyers and law students, and a very few journalists, supporting me in this, and because of that and because I used the media as support in this case I was released "only" 4 years after I had served the 12 years I was supposed to serve when I was given my 21 years sentence in 1993. I can add the prison authorities, who were supposed to make the decision on whether I was to be released or not, wanted to release me as early as 2005, but politicians in Oslo overruled them time after time after time, for 4 years, when they finally succumbed to the pressure from the media. As if that wasn't enough, all the others who had been given 21 years sentences before 2001 were released after 12 years (including an Arab/Muslim who raped and killed a Norwegian teenage girl in Oslo in 1992/1993 [I don't remember exactly when it was]). So much for justice in Soviet Norway.

2Bolschevism was the revenge of the Jews and their means to turn the Russians into slaves and cannon fodder for the Jewish cause. The Jews robbed Russia during the Soviet years, they destroyed Russian culture and identity as best they could, and when it all ended, because they had sucked the last drop of blood from Russia, with help from their Jewish capitalist allies in the "West", they took their loot and left a broken nation, which is still trying to recover from this attack. I guess most in "the West" are still oblivious to this fact, but I am sure at least the Russians know that the oligarchs who robbed and left Russia with their loot after Boris Yeltsin the Jew-lackey's disastrous reign are actually almost all Jews.

3"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is today of course seen as false; why would it not be, when the Jews control all big publishing houses, governments and media institutions in "the West"? Whether it was a fraud, written by an Imperial Russian secret police officer, or whether it is exactly what it pretends to be is really irrelevant. The fact is that all the content in this book is true and we should all read it and know and understand what it says, and understand its implications.

4Had I been just a normal guy in the street convicted for these so-called "crimes" I would have been given maybe a 9 year sentence or so tops, and would have been released after serving a maximum of 6 years, and half that time in an open prison.

Yours truly,
Varg Vikernes
Bergen 06.04.2012

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