War in Europe: Part III - Homo sovieticus

There is one question in relation to the Utøya event that needs to be answered; how can one single person armed with semi-automatic small arms walk freely about on a fairly small island and shoot his targets when he is outnumbered by about 700 to 1? He says himself that he was attacked only once during his more than an hour long expedition, by a single person whom he simply pushed away and shoot dead on the ground. The number of left-wing extremists he shot dead never troubled me, the attack in itself never troubled me or surprised me for that sake but this very shameful fact troubled me from day one, and it still troubles me.

My first reaction to this was of course shame. How can my countrymen be so extremely coward and indeed helpless? What is wrong with them? I mean, any sane, healthy and unbroken (so to speak) human being in such a situation would at least try to fight back, organize small bands armed with rocks and sticks, and try to ambush the guy et cetera. Sure, a few attackers would surely be killed if a group had attacked him, but he would have been overwhelmed in the end, and it would have ended his massacre. Even with a bullet or two in your body you can still fight on, only to die later from blood loss. You are not helpless even when severely wounded. You only need a fighting spirit to keep on fighting. You might think differently, but I know that. I have fought on wounded (with a crushed jaw) myself (and emerged victorious), and I have seen others do the same; the best known of them would be Aarseth, who stopped running and fought back even after he had been stabbed at least 7 times and had had both his lungs punctured. He did because he was cornered by then, but still. Even those cornered on Utøya didn't fight back, exept the one example I mentioned above. The others did nothing. Some of them stopped, resigned and just waited for him to shoot them. Others lay down covering their heads with their arms. Some begged for mercy. They were all executed by Mr. Breivik.

The social darwinist in me applaud this; cowards like that deserve to die! However, I think I understand why they reacted that way. You see, I too grew up in the "Social Democratic" (i. e. Marxist) Norway. So let me tell you a short story about this oh-so-blissful country of Norway....

Like almost all Norwegians I first met the true Norway in kindergarten; a children's prison with left-wing extremist feminist guards, indoctrinating their helpless victims with lie-propaganda and forcing the children to "share" and "be kind" to each other. No competition was allowed. No "winning" or indeed "losing" was allowed; everyone were supposed to always be equals in all and everything. No playing alone was allowed. You play with others kids (in communion) and sing happy extremist songs with the fanatic "prison guards". The brave kids and I was one of them ran away from this, tried to hide from the "guards" in the playground and even tried to escape from the kindergarten. I was only three years old when I first scaled the fence and ran the 2 km back home, through the streets, all by myself. When home I called the door bell to get in and was "arrested" by my mother, who for some reason was home from work that day, and she mercilessly sent me back to the Marxist children's GULag.

My story differs a bit from that of other poor Norwegian children, though. My liberation from kindergarten came sooner, when my father was hired to work for Saddam Hussein in Iraq in 1979. He was one of those engineers who helped build Iraq in the years after Saddam Hussein had become president. The English school in Baghdad was full, so when I was 6 years old I was sent to ordinary Iraqi public school.

Iraq was a bad experience in so many ways; my brother and I had to fight off attackers several times, in school and in the streets, we barely escaped rabies infected packs of dogs chasing us in the streets, we once had to run for our lives from a drunk killer, who was still wielding the axe he had used when he killed his wife (he was later shot dead by Iraqi police in the streets), we almost died from food poisoning and so forth. I can add that I also saved the life of an Englishman there, who had drowned in a pool (and he was rescued and resuscitated because to me). I think my parents were extremely irresponsible for taking their family to live in Iraq, but I guess they didn't have the opportunity to know any better like we do today (we can just google it). However, at least I was able to see more of reality than I was in Norway. Reality had in Norway been replaced by some sort of "Social Democratic reality-substitute", where everything is perfect, and where the mighty Norwegian state takes care of everything. Soviet Norway holds your hand, ad mortem.

When I returned to Norway I was sent to primary school and I was a very successful student. The only problem was that I was too successful for my own good; when I was done with all my tasks well ahead of the others I was meant to wait for them to catch up with me. You see, in Marxist Norway everyone are "equals" and that means in practise that nobody are allowed to be any better than the slowest, dumbest and least skillful of them all! There are no seperate classes for good students, or even seperate classes for very bad students. They are instead all placed in the same classroom, because there are no "good" or "bad" students in Norway! They are all equals, and given equal opportunity they will all be the same... or at least that is what the Marxist extremists say. So when I had finished all my tasks after maybe 5 minutes the rest of the 45 minutes in class were spent waiting. Of course the dumbest kid never finished his tasks before the class ended, he was too stupid to grasp anything at all, so I was never given any new tasks. I was always left there to wait. And wait. And wait. For 6 years. There was never any real challenges in school. More than anything I was bored in elementary school. I was so fed up when elementary school ended that I wanted to attend another junior high school than the other kids in my class to make sure I didn't end up being bored all the time in junior high too. Maybe hopefully there would be no idiots slowing me down in a new class?!

So when I attended junior high school I was the only one there from my old elementary school. I was the new kid in class. All the others came from other schools. Alas! My hope was soon crushed. The system was as Socialistic and idiotic there as in my elementary school. The problem had not been my old school, my old teacher or my old class; the entire school system in Norway was like that! When I started to skip classes in 8th grade, stopped doing homework, stopped paying any attention to what the teachers said and did other things in class instead and still managed to get good grades I realized that it was all a waste of my time. I gave up on the entire education system in Norway, and in the 9th grade I barely attended school at all, skipping classes 2/3 of the time.

I got myself a higher education years later, when I took senior high school exams, and later college exams, as a "private candidate", and of course this was no sweat either. I once just read through one single book once the day before the exam and got the best grade possible. I only bothered to do so because I was in prison, and this was a better alternative to prison work (i. e. do completely meaningless and tedious tasks in prison, like drilling holes in wooden boards the entire day). No education in Norway taught me anything; I regard myself as fully autodidact.

What I just said might seem as a digression to many, but it isn't; it exemplifies perfectly how Norwegian children are raised in Norway and it never changes. Even at the university in Norway nobody demands anything from them. You can get a fancy degree in Norway with minimal effort, and all the way you will be followed by the dumbest, slowest and worst students. You see, they too are given the "equal opportunity" to get a fancy degree, and in order to make sure they too succeed the Marxists have removed all real challenges on the way. You can pass a course at the university in Norway by reading maybe three or four books. In my English course at the university in Tromsø I only had to translate four pages of text and attend lectures a once or twice each week to pass. I am not kidding!

The Norwegians don't know any better; they are proud when they get their degrees, thinking they are successful when they do, not knowing how difficult it would be to get the same degree in any other country in the world (Ghana included...). They are lost in the Marxist substitute reality. Naturally they educate very few mathematicians or physicians or biologists in Norway; you cannot cheat with natural sciences. To learn mathematics you bloody well need to understand mathematics too! So Norway after year 2000 educates fewer (!) natural scientists than Norway did in the 1950ies, when we didn't even have senior high schools for everyone. The educational budget is about a thousand times larger today, but... their priorities lie elsewhere, so to speak. As explained above.

After education they are just about all given a job. Norway is proud to be one of the countries in the world with the lowest unemployment rates! Wow! What a feat! Marxism must work then, right? Well, not exactly. The Soviet State of Norway has created an abnormal amount of what I call "artificial jobs", intended only to employ Norwegians and to keep the unemployment rates down. We have socionoms, sexologists, journalists en masse, social-anthropologists and so forth, all sent out to confirm the Marxist myths and to keep the Norwegian people in ignorance. Even the dumbest working-class girls have their fancy degrees and are now allowed to perform completely meaningless tasks professionally.

What happens then, to all Norwegians who work, is that the state takes most of the money they earn, in form of extremely high taxes (my father payed more than 60% taxes at one point in his career!). In return the state provides them with everything they need; roads, police, a fire department, hospitals and so forth. The welfare system takes care of everyone. You are poor? No problem, the state will help you! You are sick? No problem, the state will help you! You cannot read or write properly? No problem, the state will take care of you! You are depressed? No problem, the state will help (medicate) you! (You want to die? No! You are not allowed to; you belong to the state!) Your car has been stolen? No problem, the state will help you! The car was completely smashed by the car thief? No problem, the state will help you! You have children? No problem, the state will raise them for you! Your children are not Marxists? No problem, the state will indoctrinate them for you! And so forth. The state needs all those tax money because the state takes care of everything! And don't you dare do anything yourself!

If you indeed try to do anything by yourself in Norway you are severely punished for it. Private business? Hell no! Tax them to death! You want to build your own house? Hell no! That is illegal in Norway unless you first attend a state controlled "house building course", lead of course by one of those losers who otherwise would have been unemployed. (This is by the way a good example of an "articifial job".) You want to protect yourself from physical assault, by beating up the assailant? Hell no! Go to prison you damn violent brute! You want to protect that woman being raped in the street over there? Hell no! We have a police for a reason! You beat up a rapists in action? That is assault; go to prison! You win a fist fight (even if you were attacked)? Go to prison! You lose a fist fight (even if you are the aggressor)? Poor, you; we will hold your hand...

And that is where we find the answer to my original question; Norwegians are so ruined by this Socialist ideology and by the fact that they go through life holding hands with the Soviet state that they feel they are not allowed to protect themselves or even others! Not when Norwegian women are being raped by immigrants in the streets, not when Norwegian men are assaulted by immigrants in the streets, and not on Utøya when a single man attacks 800 of them. They are expected to wait until the Soviet state (in form of the Norwegian police) arrives and protects them. The teenagers on Utøya probably even feared punishment from the state if they had tried to protect themselves!

Oh, and dear friends, trust me when I say that any fear they might have had of being punished for defending themselves was well founded. I know because I defended myself in Norway, many times, and I was always punished for it. I was punished when I did in kindergarten, in school and also as an adult. When Aarseth planned to kill me and I confronted him; he panicked and attacked me, so I defended myself and killed him instead, and for that I spent 16 years in prison for murder! It has dawned to me that perhaps that was their main issue with me! Sure, they didn't like that I was an anti-Jewish racist, but their main problem might have been that I had the nerve to defend myself rather than ask and depend on their sacred Marxist state for help! I showed to the world that I didn't need the Norwegian state! I could take care of myself. Sacrilege! Blasphemy! Stone him!

Today I pity the teenagers on Utøya, both those who have to live with the shame of running away from danger rather than face it and confront their enemy, aswell as those who were killed that day. They were not even allowed to be courageous; they were brainwashed throughout their lives into always trust the state to handle all problems for them, so even if many of them were perhaps originally courageous human beings we will forever remember them all as cowards. The Norwegian Marxist state failed them miserably on Utøya, and will continue to fail its citizens, whether they are being killed, raped or beaten up or if they suffer in other manners, until the day it is replaced by a Nationalist state teaching their citizens to stand on their own feet and defend themselves and others when needed.

The Social Democracy in Norway is not only to blame for the motives of the gunman on Utøya, but also for the number of victims, and I am gravely worried about the future of my nation when I see how broken down so many Norwegians are by this system. My countrymen are being turned into feeble, worthless, spineless, self-hating sub-human beings, completely helpless and fully dependent on the state to take care of everything for them; they turn into a Norwegian form of the homo sovieticus.

Varg Vikernes
Bergen 1st of May 2012

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