Interview with Count Grishnackh of Burzum
"Petrified" Magazine (#1, 05.11.1993)

Petrified Magazine 1993 USAAs you'll read in the review, Burzum is Black Metal hailing from Norway. Some of you already know, that the Count has got himself in some deep shit in his home town Bergen. He has been accused of church burning, but there is insufficient evidence or proof to press any charges. Here is the interview.


Count, can you tell us a little about Burzum? When was it formed?

Burzum is the Reflections of my Personality, it's my dreams and desires. I began playing in 1987 under the name of Uruk-Hai. In 1991 I changed the name to what it is now and forever. Burzum was never formed, as Burzum is no group, only Count Grishnackh of many colors. I did use a session bass player on the second release, titled "Aske". His name is Samoth (of Emperor)... But future holds nothing but solitude in the Darkest Nights and Beyond.

When I listened to your "Burzum" CD I fucking came my pants! (ha ha!) Seriously though, it was fucking genius!!! There aren't too many "True" Black Metal bands around, but yours is 100%! What is the scene like in Norway? And what bands should we be looking for?

I really don't care about the scene in Norway! I know only two Black Metal acts in Norway: Darkthrone and Mayhem!

What are your lyrics about? And how important are they to you?

Read them yourself. If I had something to say about my lyrics I would say they were about different subjects concerning the Darkness and the Night.

What plans do you have for any future albums?

Third Burzum album "Det Som Engang Var" will be out in September on DSP.

From what I read in "Kerrang!", I have found that your beliefs are similar to mine. If you had a chance, would you destroy and kill everything and everyone who did not believe what you do?

I think it is more wise to examine beings who think different and maybe learn something. I prefer thousands serving me than thousands dead. There's no point in killing people who don't interfere with my life in a negative way. I don't care about the world beyond my own so what happens there is of no interest.

What do you think about Christianity, and humans in general?

Christianity is the best way! Oppressing the Humans for their own best... I support Christianity for many reasons, one for example, is virgins... Christian societies have more virgins... Now it's almost impossible to find a clean and white Virgin to use.. Only dirty hippies, and hippies don't work! If a society is happy or not is for me not interesting to examine. Humans are sheep who need a leader to function properly...

What do you think about the scene here in Tampa Bay?

Tampa Bay? Never heard of it... I live in Hordaland, in a town called Bergen, all that happens outside the seven mountains surrounding my town is of no interest to me and my town!

Do you think Deicide, and Morbid Angel are "true"? (Meaning they believe what they write about...)

Maybe, maybe not... I don't care. No matter what they are, they don't stimulate me in ANY way, so I have already forgotten all about these... "bands"! Only the Moon and the starlit key are real tonight!

Any last comments? Hail Sathanas! Down with false religions! Thanks for the interview!

Blidly believe in "false" religion if you seek Goodness... Belief can move mountains, so why not your soul?! Move your soul from here to beyond...

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Petrified magazine #1 1993

Petrified magazine #1 1993

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