Runes in the Green Grass

Our forebears were wild and free; nomadic savages living as hunter-gatherers – for hundreds of thousands of years. But as we know, at one point this changed, first with the advent of agriculture and then with civilization. Agriculture meant domestication of animals, but also auto-domestication. As a result, we saw a decline in the physical and intellectual capabilities of our forebears. Not only did their skeletons grow thinner and weaker, but their brains shrank too, and they became dumber. Before this decline, everybody passed the tests and found back to themselves, but the auto-domesticated farmer every now and then failed, and remained in "Plato's cave", so to speak. With time more and more farmers failed the tests, and with the advent of (semi-) civilization the auto-domestication accelerated dramatically, and so did the decline in man's intellectual and physical capabilities. In Classical Antiquity only a select few passed the tests and became divine. The rest kept on "believing Santa Claus is real", so to speak. Yes, in the end, a majority knew only the exoteric Tradition; only the charade intended to help them find back to themselves. And thus they did not find back to themselves…

Yes, when we see books written about our heritage, even those written in Classical Antiquity, we need to keep this in mind. We see a description of the exoteric Tradition. The charade… In the background sat a select few, keeping the esoteric Tradition to themselves. Only they had passed the tests. Only they were divine.

When the Romans murdered the Celtic druids, the Celtic heritage fell into shadow. Ignorance. When the Judeo-Christians murdered the rest of the European Pagan spiritual & intellectual elite, some as late as in the 18th century, the same happened to the rest of Europe. Our Tradition fell into shadow.

What remained was the charade, the seemingly silly belief in "Santa Claus", incomprehensible and mystic elves, gods & goddesses. Þórr riding his wagon across the sky, Óðinn riding an eight-legged horse, Loki transforming into a fly, Freyja crying tears of gold, etc. etc. etc.

My task is to help you find back to the meaning. To help you open your eyes and find the runes in the green grass, to read them and to understand them. Ideally on your own.

Varg Vikernes

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