War in Europe: Part V - Breivik Unveiled

Anders Breivik, the Utøya Freemason Zionist and murderer of (amongst others) dozens of Norwegian teenage girls, has written a 27 page long letter to the Norwegian Department of Justice complaining about the treatment he has to endure in the Norwegian prison system. He accuses them for deliberately trying to break his will and push him to suicide.

The funny thing is that Breivik was for a long time a member of FRP (Fremskrittspartiet), a rather popular Liberal and Zionist so-called "right-wing" party in Norway. This party has always complained rabidly about how well criminals are being treated in Norwegian prisons, that Norwegian prisons are like hotels, that old people are worse off than prisoners are in Norway, and so forth. I guess the former FRP-member has a different opinion now that he can see how it is like to be in a Norwegian "hotel". Ironically Breivik is even doing time in the most modern and absolutely newest of all the "hotels" in Norway. Not what you expected is it, Mr. Breivik?

What I suspect when I read about how Breivik deals with prison life is that Breivik thought to himself (being one of those ignorant FRP-members after all) that spending the rest of his life in a Norwegian prison would be a walk in the park. His "grand sacrifice" of his own freedom was probably based on just that; the ignorant FRP perception of the Norwegian prison system. He surely realises now that he was wrong, and that prison life is not so easy after all. Poor Breivik... he cannot play WoW from his luxury prison cell for the rest of his life after all, as I am sure he thought he could.

To him and others like him, who think or in Breivik's case at least thought that Norwegian prisons are like hotels, I can tell that they are not. I can also tell that the newer (and thus also the more "luxurious") the prison the worse it is to do time there, and all the prisoners I spoke to about this agreed with me. It was much better to serve in the old prisons. The statistics speak volumes as well. E.g. in Bergen Kretsfengsel (the old and shabby prison in Bergen, closed down ages ago now) there were hardly any suicides at all, whilst in Bergen Landsfengsel (the new "hotel" prison in Bergen) there were many suicides. Compared to Oslo Kretsfengsel (another old and shabby prison) Bergen Landsfengsel actually had (from 1993 to 1994) 20 times as many suicides (with prison size taken into account)! Prisoners hung themselves, burned themselves to death, cut their wrists and you name it. Why would they, if serving time in a modern prison was such a walk in the park? And why didn't they in the old and shabby prisons?

Now, I will not waste any (more) time talking about the prison system in Norway, I have better things to do and certainly bigger concerns as well.

To Breivik I can only say I hope you do kill yourself. You have killed more Norwegians than the entire Muslim population in Norway has done the last 40 years, and you claim to be a Norwegian nationalist and patriot fighting (alongside your Jewish masters) against Islam, to protect us against their crimes!? I am sorry to say so, but you have made a big mistake. Islam has been imported to Europe by Jews, so that guys like you would run to the Jews and fight for them like you did when you murdered future mothers of Norwegian children. Death to you and to all other "European" Zionists out there as well! You are the main problem for Europe, because guys like you allow the Jews to run Europe into the ditch. The Jews would not have been able to do anything to us if it hadn't been for Christian losers like you!

With that said, I think it is about time we draw the line here. If you, dear European nationalists, really want to save Europe (as a biological term) you have to realise that the only thing to do is to cast aside all Christian and other international nonsense and embrace only the European (i. e. Pagan) values and ideals and if you like the European deities as well. If you work for Christianity in any way you work for the Jews. Plain and simple. This also applies to Front National and other pro-Christian political nationalist parties who now when this is so important fail to clearly express their views on the Jew-question. If you are serious in your attempt to preserve anything European you better drop that Christian nonsense right away and embrace our European heritage! Period. Christianity is internationalism, so you cannot fight for both your nation (race) and Christianity. You have to choose. Christianity is partly based on Judaism, an Asian religion, and it is foreign to us. This is a fact that cannot be disputed, whether you like it or not. Christianity is the cause of all our problems, because the Christians (with their "holy" bible) allow the Jews (their "chosen people") to enter through our back doors and spread their foul Hebrew poison into our minds and wells.

The Christian slaves and other internationalists lead by their Jewish masters have tried and failed to destroy our European race and culture for 2000 years now. As long as there are true Europeans alive they will continue to fail, and our European blood makes sure that we can at any time revive the true European spirit and turn Europe into our Elysium again. We can do it in less than one generation, and they know it and they fear it more than anything else. A European Europe will ruin their plans for Jewish world domination.

Today we are on the offensive. For the first time in many decades. The Jews are unveiled as weak and powerless, and they lose more and more of their support in Europe. Every day thousands of Europeans wake up and see the true white light, and they see the true face of the backstabbing, treacherous, money-lending, murderous, coward, paedophile slaver-Jew. The tide has turned, and yet again Europe is about to rid itself of the eternal Jew and his destructive influence, like we have done so many times before as well. However, we must remember that as long as we or some of us embrace Christianity the Jew will be allowed to return, with all his evils, and we will again head for disaster. The final solution to this problem is not to kill anyone, but to raise our children with European ideals and values, and a European world view, and make sure that Christianity dies out when our coward parent generation dies out. With Christianity gone there will be no reason why the Satanic tribe of Judea should ever again gain any influence in Europe.

Wake up Europe!

Varg Vikernes
Bergen 13.12.2012


In hoc signo vinces!
(By this sign you conquer!)

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