Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Niflheim" Magazine (1993), by Marco Lockhorts

Burzum = Count Grishnackh, this interview was done before the Count killed Euronymous, it was done shortly after the rumours that Grishnackh signed to Earache. His second full length LP/CD is out now on his label as far as I heard it its limited to 1000 but I am not sure, it seems somebody else is taking care of the orders since the Count is (again) in jail, that about it.


What is the actual line up?

The actual line up is rather simple. Me. I did use a session bass-player on the "Aske" mini album (Samoth of Emperor - ed.), but I will never to such thing again. I only need a line up for gigs and I have no plans for such an event.

What's the meaning of the words Count Grishnackh and Burzum?

The word Burzum means Darkness translated from a language forgotten by mortal men. Count Grishnackh means something not too nice so I'll leave you wonder.

Did you play all the instruments by yourself when you recorded Burzum or did you use session members?

On all albums I have done all the instruments myself (except bass on "Aske")... I think it is too late to start to use session musicians now because they will have another style of playing drums, guitars, and so on... it would be totally different band so I drop it. Besides I know how to do it myself. Construction of my ego.

How do you rehearse, isn't it difficult when you are alone in a band?

I play different instruments and put it together in studio.

Are you satisfied with the new mini-LP "Aske"?

I am satisfied yeah, but it was the second full length album that supposed to be out by now, I guess D.S.P. did not understand that in time. The second LP is recorded in April 1992 and it's getting rather old, it'll be out in September 1993 which is rather late (this will be the LP which is going to be released on Count Grishnack's own label. - ed.)

Can you give us some more info about the third CD of Burzum?

The album that will be out in September is really the second, the "real" full length album, it's getting old and about 99% of the ridicules "black" metal kids have long ago started ripping stuff from that album so when it comes out it'll be old news in the scene, there is already some hundreds clones ones out there... so probably the third album that'll be released is the real third album, the third album is something totally new so I won't tell anything about it, you'll have to hear it when it comes out, that way all the idiots won't be able to rip off this stuff BEFORE it's out. So why did I not get released when it supposed to be (mid 1992)? Well, I blame D.S.P. for slow work (so far).

Have you any plans with Burzum to play live?

No, not really, maybe a video.

How is it to be in Mayhem, is the LP finished?

I don't do bass in Mayhem anymore, I am Burzum and I only need myself.

What about your time in custudy, I heard you got told in court that you were not involved in church burning yourself but that you said you were to get publicity for the band.

Yes, I told the court that it was a publicity stunt... luckily they believed me.

What about the Black Metal scene in Norway and Europe?

I don't care shit about the Black Metal scene in Europe/Norway, I hate metal freaks. I listen to two or three Black Metal bands all the rest can f*ck off!

What's your opinion about the band Anus Cunt who just released a demo with the title "Never mind Burzum, here is Anus Cunt"?

I don't think about the. I never heard of the name and I have no interest in any band at all. I know what bands I like and will listen to their music and ignore all the clone-shit-kid bands out there.

What books do you possess about the Occult?

Never mind what books I got, I surely don't possess any book written by Anton "duck" LaVey.

Can a book inspire you to write a lyric?

Yes, a book can probably inspire me to do a lyric.

Can you describe the area in Norway where you live?

Coastal town surrounded by seven mountains on all sides and the sea on the west side, the area which surrounds the town is simple mountains, mountains and more mountains. It almost rains every day and the winds are strong here. My home town is called Bergen and the name actually means "mountain(s)", only Bergen is real! Death to Norway, Hordaland rules!

What do you do beside Burzum?

Only Burzum is real! There is nothing but Burzum.

Last words.


Author: Marco Lockhorts (© 1993 "Niflheim" Magazine)

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