Paganism: Part XII - Why Paganism?

When I grew up I, like most Norwegians, grew up in an atheist family and a world void of any type of religious rituals. My first encounter with religious rites came in the first grade in elementary school, when the teacher forced her pupils to go to church in context with the "Christmas" (Yule) festival. My reaction to the utterly boring, alien and pointless Judeo-Christian mock-rituals in church was first of all disgust, but also anger, and the following years in school became a struggle to avoid these types of activities. This struggle didn't make me very popular with the rather religious teacher, but more importantly it pretty much ruined my relationship to religion in general and to all types of religious rituals in particular.

When I advocate Paganism today I therefore face a peculiar problem. A huge number (perhaps even a majority) of my own countrymen, and in particular those of the male gender, reacted to the Judeo-Christian propaganda in elementary school in the same way as I did, and because of that they too are so extremely negative to any type of religions and religious rituals that it becomes hard for them to embrace even a Pagan religion and any types of religious rites. The main hindrance in the propagation of Paganism in Norway, and possibly in the rest of Europe too, is in other words not Judeo-Christianity, but the fact that so many despise religion on a general basis, because of their involuntary experiences with Judeo-Christianity in school. To be religious has because of Judeo-Christianity become synonymous to being weak and stupid.

In order to embrace any type of religion and religious rites we need to understand why we should do so. The argument that we should "because it is a tradition" is not valid to anybody with a three-figured IQ. We need to see a purpose to what we are doing, or else we will never do it or even be able to justify the fact that others do it. I can always argue that Paganism is our religion, that it is in accordance with our Nordic (=European) blood and spirit, our nature, but even that is in itself not a valid reason.


Humans are largely trigger based entities, and we work much like modern computers do. We have a CPU (intelligence), a hard drive (memory), hardware (the body/DNA), an operating system (the mind) and other software (the cultural input) installed, we have different buses (the nerves) and we need electricity (nourishment) to work. We also have a keyboard and other in-data units (our five [or actually seven] senses), and of course out-data units like speakers, a printer and a screen (a voice, gestures, the ability to write and so forth).

The operating system (the mind) is already installed when you buy the computer (when we are born), but in order to exploit the potential of the computer you need to install additional software (the cultural input); for example word processing programs, database programs, an encyclopedia, auto-cad, games, Internet Explorer, and you name it.

Now, the problem for modern man is that the software we try to install is not really compatible with our operating system and hardware. Programs designed for the old 386 computers, or for computers with Windows 95, for example, will not work on a more modern computer with Windows XP, or at best they don't work optimally, and what we do today, in the global village, is to fill up our hard discs with all kinds of incompatible crap designed for people with another DNA and another type of mind. Today the 286s (Vedoids [=Australoids]), the 386s (Negroes), the Pentium Is and IIs (Asians) and the Pentium IIIs and IVs (Nordics [=Europeans]) all get a lot of software (the cultural input) designed for other computers installed, and because of that none of them work optimally (if at all).

The Australoid and Nergo races (Thrall's kin) are at least 200.000 years old, the Asian races (Karl's kin) are perhaps 150.000 years old, and the youngest and Nordic race (Jarl's kin) is about 80.000 years old. When each race was created (created) by the gods, they also created an operating system (a type of mind ["soul"]) designed for each race. According to our mythology the gods were only satisfied with their latest design, Jarl's kin, and this is of course the main reason why I advocate racial segregasjon. We degrade the Nordic race by mixing it with the "inferior designs". With the creation of Jarl's kin they could finally "install" their own operating system (the divine mind) in a human race, and they taught this race how to install the additional "software" (the runes) needed to perform its tasks here on Earth.

The additional "software" I am talking about is of course installed by the help of our Paganism and in particular the Pagan mysteries, and this is the reason why the Nordic man should choose to embrace Paganism and Pagan rituals. Without our Paganism we are incomplete human beings.


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