Interview with Varg Vikernes
MetalKings.com (March 2011)

How it goes about your music? Is it loved by some relatively constant tribe, or you feel like you getting more and more dedication from people?

Things are going well with my music. I enjoy making music and take my time to do everything until it is "perfect". The Burzum albums sell more now than before, so I guess the "tribe" is growing.

What your upcoming album is about? Just few keywords, if you may say.

In one word; elegy. It deals with the personal journey from the darkness of "the cave" (from the allegory of the cave, by Plato).

What do you think about unprecedent mixture of races, known as "globalization"? Which stage we're observing, what may happen next?

Globalization is very destructive to our species. The ancient Greek philosophers where blonde and blue-eyed, and even then talked about how their race was mixed with others, and how this affected their society negatively. When there were no more natural blondes and no more blue eyes in Greece, they incidentally stopped producing great philosophers. Today Greece is a very race mixed country, and because of this is but a rotten, crime-ridden, poor, unproductive, dysfunctional and broken society. Italy and Spain are not much better. This will be our fate as well, if we don't stop the globalization. What may happen next? Disaster, in one way or the other. Globalization can only lead to disaster. It always has, it always will.

You were incarcerated when Internet was very minor force but growing. What you feel about it today?

It is a sea of information, and too large a sea, because it drowns us all in meaningless and often inaccurate information. The useful and accurate information is hard to find, and will only be found by a few of those who seek it actively. In effect the Internet is a tool of suppression, because it distracts the masses, by providing them with entertainment and by obscuring the truth. Well entertained (and well fed) individuals unable to see the truth rarely revolt or protest when the corrupt leaders enslave them. They are too busy chatting, playing games or looking at videos to see the dangers.

What do you think about current political leaders of Russia? Do they same kind of actors, like Obama?

I am on the outside, looking in, and as I see it they are too much running errands for corrupt Jews. Like every other politicians these days, I may add, willingly or unwillingly. Yet, the Russians look better in most respects, than for instance the American politicians.

Is Eugenics useful, from your point of view? Is it need to improve people genetically?

All biological lifeforms need to improve all the time, or they will quickly become extinct, because every other lifeform is improving, and often at the expense of other lifeforms. How we improve, on the other hand, is a different subject. Eugenics, be it positive or negative, might be difficult in practice, but we should at least stop encouraging and helping genetic failures (like those who cannot have children without medical help) from reproducing. However, the most important thing is probalby to stop all vaccine programs. Not only do they ruin our health (the vaccines contain mercury, which they inject directly into our blood system!), but they also make morally bankrupt Jews in the medical industry (even more) filthy rich and powerful.

What is best preparation for closest future any individual can make?

Stockpile fuel, guns, ammo, canned food et cetera, and withdraw all your money from the bank. Buy mechanical cars (like a Lada Niva), instead of plastic crap filled with fancy technology (id est "modern" cars) that will break down after a few years of use - at best (they are actually designed to break down after a few years, because they want us to buy new cars all the time!). Vote only for so-called right wing extremist parties.

What is technology? Where do we go with it?

Today we only go willingly into our own doom. We grow lazy, ignorant and useless, because technology replaces us in so many ways, and provide us with so much (meaningless) entertainment. We also move towards a society where we have less and less actual freedom, and a society that will make Orwell's 1984 look like a dream rather than a nightmare. The governments have more and more control on their populations. Eventually we will wake up realising we are completely enslaved; slaves of their good will; slaves of the good will of the pharmaceutical industry (owned by Jews), because we are so broken down (by amongst other things their vaccines) that we need their medicines to even survive; slaves of the genetic modified food industry (owned by Jews), because they have patented their food, and we are not even allowed to grow food, because they own it, and their food "pollutes" natural food - because we cannot stop the wind from spreading their genetically modified seeds. In fact, their food will not even grow in our fields unless we buy from them their patented fertilizers. We will become slaves, unless we soon revolt and stop this madness. In the future they will probably even force us to wear small chips on us at all times, that will let them know where we are at any given time. "For our own safety", like if we get lost in the mountains, or at sea, or something like that. Eventually they will argue that we must operate these chips into our bodies, so that we never lose them. And then we are 100% enslaved, and forced to obey. There will be no escape. And who is in cammand then? The eternal Jew...

Are you getting huge correspondence?

It depends on what you define as "huge". I get many e-mails, but I don't have the time to reply.

Did you read a lot about Russia?

Enough to have sympathy and respect for the Russian people.

Do you feel some connection between Norway and Russia? Between your personality and Russia?

For some reason I have always felt a connection to Russia myself, but I cannot tell if there is some special connection between Norway and Russia, other than the fact that we are good neighbours - and have actually always been. When I was a teen I felt a connection to Russia because the ignorant, religiously fanatic, mongrel, nuclear bomb-dropping, murderous, cheating, lying, treacherous, war-mongering, ugly, fat, tasteless, Jew-worshipping, stupid and useless USA (JewSA) spread so much anti-Russian (and anti-Soviet) propaganda. How can you not like Russia when the USA don't? Right? Also, I grew up listening to Tchaikovsky, a magnificent composer indeed. (Oh, and on a more base level; how can anyone not like Russian women, or the AK-74, or BMP-1, or BTR-80, or Mi-17, or Beryozka camo? Et cetera.)

Do you like to see any martial arts competitions? What do you feel when fighters from different races are compete?

Actually, I have never been a great fan of martial arts competitions. Not even when I was training martial arts myself. When I see such competitions, though, I naturally always want the fairest guy to win... "Every cat to her kind". "Birds of a feather flock together".

What can you say to homosexuals?

Maybe; "Death is better than dishonour".

Did you ever visited tomb of Grieg?

No. Or maybe I did, but I don't remember. We might have visited his tomb with school when I was a kid. He used to live a couple of kilometres away from where I grew up. (I just checked Google maps, and it's 2,4 kilometres on road from my childhood home.) I visited his home a few times, though.

Which Classical composers you may call interesting people (when reviewing their recorded life facts)?

This I know very little about. I have not studied them or their lives. Their music is often nice, but I have no interest in them personally.

Is Norway protected enough? By what? And from what?

Norway is a sewer right now, with all kinds of filth flowing freely in the streets - and in the parliament in particular. The "Norwegian" prime minister (Stoltenberg, a Jew) is rotten to the core, and criminal Muslims, Balts, Poles, Chechens and all kinds of coloured individuals are free to do just about anything they want to in Norway without much risk of persecution. Oh, and they (the Jew-owned media in Norway) call the Eastern European and Chechen criminals "Russians" too, by the way, because they speak Russian to each other, giving the Norwegian population the (wrong) impression that there are loads of criminal Russians here ("The Russian mafia") threatening our security. I spent 16 years in Norwegian prisons, and I only met two Russians (or technically only one; the other was a Russian with Ukrainian citizenship). None of them were really criminals, just unlucky individuals. I met hordes of hard-core criminal Albanians, Poles, Balts, Rumanians and Chechens though - and many of them were actually Gypsies of course. 100% (yes: 100%!) of all assault rapes in Norway since 2003 were committed by Muslims (Arabs or Negroes). About 90% of the Heroine market in Norway (and actually in all of Scandinavia) is controlled by Albanians, who were allowed to stay here en masse because the Serbs defended their civilian population in Kosovo against Albanian teenage-murdering, girl-raping terrorists. Scandinavia is messed up by our politicians, and the population is too well fed, too misinformed and too well entertained to care. We do get the impression from the (Jew-owned) media in Norway that Russia is a growing military threat, "of course", but this only makes at least me think better of Russia and the Russian leaders. What we really need protection from is our own leaders, the war-mongering NATO, "our" media, and of course our own stupidity and naivity. NATO is our biggest threat right now (and I say that knowing Norway is a member of NATO...). Just take a look at how much heroine Afghanistan is producing now, compared to when it was run by the Taliban. This heroine flows into all of Europe (including Russia) and it helps Albanian (and other) criminals get rich and powerful, and it ruins our society from within. Oh, and NATO (id est the USA) makes everyone hate us too. Rightfully. In the meanwhile China takes over the world...

May you try dance music production someday? Is it possible for you to contribute your voice for dance (club) record? What that hypothetic band need to do to make you interested?

Well, Vladimir, "ruler of the world", I have actually made rave/house music before, but I have never released anything. I don't think I would like to contribute to other projects at all though. Each man to his own band...

What is your today's advice for people of Russia, and/or, to whole world?

Don't trust your government or the media, and vote only for so-called right wing nationalist parties with a strong anti-Jewish attitude. Or face total enslavement in the near future. And beware of China; a ruthless Communist dictatorship with no concerns for your well-being. The USA is rotten, but dying. China even more rotten, and she is growing in power. Beware!

Do you love Earth?

Love is a strong word, and our planet is but a rock amonst many in the universe. She is doing fine, and if she finds us and our nonsense too troublesome she will rid herself of us. As simple as that.

Thank you very much, Varg!

Thanks to you Vladimir, for the interest and questions. Good luck to you!

Author: Vladimir Zamansky (© 2011 MetalKings.com Russia)

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