Varg Vikernes "Ирминсуль" 2019

Varg Vikernes - Ирминсуль 2019

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Printed at Tambov, Russia, 2019
Binding: hard, 226 pages
Format: 84x108/32 (130x200 mm)
Approximate weight: 0.38 kg

"Ирминсуль" is a collection of essays, short stories and articles by the Norwegian musician Varg Vikernes, written in 20002012. The materials cover issues of religion, mythology, history and culture. The author severely criticizes modern European society and advocates a return to the pagan culture of their ancestors.

The essay "Irminsûl", the story "Perþ" and articles "Berkô", "On religiosity and our attitude to nature", "The Kingdom of the Sun", "How should we understand the death of Balder", "On the details of toponyms in the Germanic regions" and "Amazing stanzas from mythology" are translated from the Norwegian language, and the remaining materials from English.

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