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Donkeys in a Stable identifying as Horses

In Europe today, we see "a certain group of people" propagate the idea that Afro-Asian immigrants "have always been here", and that in fact "they built Europe". To all people with some basic history understanding, this is of course just ludicrous, and sounds like nothing more than a joke. A bad joke. Yet, some immigrants believe in this, and adopt these ideas.

Likewise, we see the same group of people propagate the idea that "there are more than two genders", and that what matters is what you identify as. If you identify as a woman, then you are a woman. If you identify as a man, then you are a man. Your biological sex is irrelevant, they claim. Again, those with a basic understanding of biology know that this is just nonsense. Yet, some people believe in this, and adopt these ideas.

They want you to believe in three things:
  1. A donkey born in a stable is a horse
  2. A donkey moving into a stable becomes a horse
  3. A donkey identifying as a horse is a horse

Yes, you laugh, because this is indeed ridicules, but...

This is not the first time they have promoted ideas like this, and the vast majority in Europe accept that ridicules nonsense as a fact. Yes! Most Europeans already accept that donkeys born in a stable are horses, that donkeys moving into a stable are horses and that donkeys identifying as horses are horses!

You see. When I say: "Brown people are not White", I am bombarded with arguments claiming otherwise. Why? Because they are "Spanish", "Albanian", "French", "Italian", "Greek", "Serbian", "Portuguese", "Bosnians", etc.

Let us use Spain as an example. In Classical Antiquity, it was conquered and occupied for a long time by North African Semites, the Carthaginians (who of course mixed with the native population). Then later on it was conquered by North African Moors and Arab Muslims, and occupied by them for 700 years. During these 700 years, the Muslim invaders intermarried the native Iberians, raped them and took their women as sex slaves, for their harems. And yes, the harem slaves too produced children. Of course.

Or do you actually believe, what many in effect claim, that Muslims controlled their country for 700 years but never during that time touched their women? Seriously!?

When the Christians ultimately triumphed on the Iberian Peninsula, the population was naturally massively mixed. And yes, they did not exterminate the Muslims (or Jews) living there, or indeed their mixed descendants. They Christianized them. No, not all of them; many Muslims fled. But yes, they Christianized many of them. And the mixed people were often Christian already anyhow. From then on they all were forced to identified as "Spaniards".

Yeah. The donkey that had moved into the stable was forced to identify and was accepted as a horse.

When I point out the obvious fact, that many, even most, of the Spaniards are not actually Europeans, but immigrants, I am attacked by the same people who agree with me that today's Afro-Asian immigrants are not and will never be Europeans, no matter where they are born or what they identify as.

Strange, is it not? That they accept an immigrant who move to Spain and start identifying as a European, as a true European, but laugh at the idea that we shall accept other immigrants moving to Europe as Europeans. Even though the immigrant that moved to Spain hundreds of years ago is still brown.

Yeah. They are accepting that a donkey that moved to a stable, or was born in a stable, and who identify as a horse, is in fact a horse.

No, I am not talking about brown-eyed Europeans, or brown-haired Europeans. I am talking about brown people with European passports, who were born in Europe, whose parents where born in Europe, who identify as Europeans, but who are not Europeans. People like a majority in Spain and Portugal, Albania, Southern (!) Italy, Serbia, Greece, etc.

If you accept that these brown people are white, then you will also accept that the Afro-Asian immigrants moving into Europe today, will become Europeans in the future. Their descendants, that is. Your dumb descendants will make the same arguments, that you are making today, only in relation to the descendants of the Afro-Asians who come to or already live in Europe today.

Europeans are fair-skinned, and if completely unmixed also blue-eyed and blonde (from light to dark blonde). They have a "math bump" in the back of their heads, and shorter lower arms compared to the upper arms, and shorter lower legs than upper legs, than other races. If they have brown eyes and/or brown hair, but are otherwise perfectly European, they just have a little bit non-European admixture. Very little, in fact, and they are still overwhelmingly European. But the pure European is a classical Nordic man. And brown people, no matter where they are born or what passport they have, are not Europeans. Period.

I seek to protect and promote Europe, not the "donkey" version of Europe. And yes, I see all who oppose this as subversive agents of "that group".


Varg Vikernes

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