Burzum: The return of a Myth
Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Vampiria" Magazine (18.03.2010) by Skelos

Perhaps one of the more significant events this year inside the Metal scene is the releasing of the so awaiting Burzum new work, an absolutely legendary band to us, so let's get down to work... certainly his answers are not very long, but as we say in Spain, "a word to the wise is sufficient"...


Hail Varg! Fuck, honestly I am really excited... It's a true honour and privilege you give us the chance to talk a bit with you. Of course I am a "fan" before a damned journalist so... And well, my opinion is simply: you are the fucking master! Well. In March, the 8th your new album "Belus" will be released. Like musician, I think you will be a bit excited after many years without published a work. How are your aims in the previous days? Which expectatives you have with it?

I expect it to be well accepted by those who like this type of music, and to be hated by many no matter what, because it's made by me.

Naturally, I haven't the chance of listening your new stuff. What do you think we will find in it? Black Metal in the old vein? Perhaps with some elements more "modern"?

You will find metal music in the vein of "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" and "Filosofem". Yeah, it's old-school metal.

By the way, any ambient track in it? Perhaps you are planning record more "ambient" music now, with better medias, equipment, etc.?

No ambient tracks this time. Maybe I will make another ambient album some day, but if I do I will use another name than Burzum.

Burzum is a very known band owed in an important part to your "stay" in the jail, etc. etc. Honestly, I think that gave Burzum a special meaning, and hype, called it a dirty "cult status" or so on... But actually you are free, with your family and that feeling has lost. Ok, this modern world is a shit, full of sensationalism... But do you think your current situation affects in a negative way to Burzum?

I couldn't care less.

In the same line. Do you fell a bit tense or anxious about the answer of your followers with "Belus"? The wait has been very long and perhaps many of us wait a lot of "Belus"...

Not really. I am very satisfied with "Belus" myself, and I trust at least some others will be as well.

Ok, man. I opine your previous works contain a characteristic and unique feelings. For me rawness and dirt in your first recording, some touches of mysticism in "Det Som Engang Var", absolute darkness and depressive in "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss", desolation and decrepitude in "Filosofem". What feelings "Belus" contains for you?

Death. Strength. Perseverance. Willpower. The rising Sun; light emerging triumphant from the cold darkness. Rebirth of the White God. The return of Belus.

And following the line. All of us are older now. The feelings we experiment today, the past experiences influences our point of view about the things, of face them... Do you think your maturity affects in a way to your style of writing, composing music, etc.? And what are your sources of inspiration actually compared with the old days?

Yes, maturity in life brings maturity to the music I make. "Belus" was the first album I have made properly, and this was largely due to me growing older, more patient and more "relaxed", so to speak.

My sources of inspiration? I think mainly my own (philosophical) despair. The fact that I know what causes the shadows on the walls to dance can be very frustrating, so to speak.

In your opinion what is the most important part in an album? The music, the lyrics and concepts or the ideas the author try to transmit with?

The complete picture. If I was to choose one I would have to say the music though.

What could you tell us about the new cover (always the covers have been impressive in your albums), the booklet, etc. What meaning have for you?

It does not matter what it means to me. I think it matters more what it means to you, and to others who might listen to the album one day. The meaning is to be found in the eye of the beholder. You are free to see whatever you feel like.

Talking about the current Black Metal scene... Well, what is your opinion about it? Unfortunately (in my opinion) it seems current Black Metal has lost his elitism and it's accessible for all the world, become a fucking trend more. For example, some people wear actually Burzum T-shirts and I think they even have listened your music. What do you think about all this?

I don't care. Let the sheep gather in herds, and let them dress in wolf-skins if they like to. They are heading for the slaughterhouse no matter what. They matter no whit.

The last question. I only have a few books about Nordic Mythology and traditions (Eddas and a few more...). If I am not wrong Odinism is a essential part in your life. Well, could you give us a little description about it and your feelings concerning?

Well, I am not religious in any way, but I have a Pagan ideology and Pagan values. I believe in blood, soil and honour; family, homeland and hamingja; strength, traditions and courage. And I believe in a Europe waking up.

Ok, Varg. Thank you very much for your time. Receive all the best wishes and respect for you and your love ones from all the staff of Vampiria Magazine. The last words are yours bro...

Thank you for your interest. Stay elitist and stay in darkness...

Author: Skelos (© 2010 "Vampiria" Magazine Spain)

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