A Bard's Tale: Part XI - Pearls Before Swine

When individuals steal from their friends something they could afford to buy from them they do it because they are sorry creatures. When they steal something that was offered to them for free they are just fools.

All You had to do to read my articles for free was to download them from www.burzum.org. They are available to everybody with Internet access, like I said for free, courtesy of me. The only thing I asked for in return was for You to respect my copyright.

Some of You (id est administrators of www.burzum.com) didn't and because of that I will not write any more articles for the Internet. It might not been a great loss to the world, so to speak, and it might in fact please my enemies more than anything else, but I don't care. When my rights are not respected on the Internet I will not publish anything there. Pure and simple.

If You by any chance wish to read anything written by me in the future You will have to wait for my books to be published (possibly under a pseudonym…) by individuals who will make sure my copyrights are respected.

I planned to disappear from public view anyhow, when I was released from prison, so now I simply do it a bit sooner than I first intended to.

Varg Vikernes. Over and out.

"You harvest what you sow."

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