The Lords Of Lies: Part V - Outlaw

Our dear burzum.org administrator politely asked me to write a few lines about the book menitoned in the "Dagbladet" interview from earlier this year.

Currently I am translating "Trolldom og Religion i Oldtidens Scandinavia" ("Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia") into English and working to finish the "Belus" album, so I don't have the time to translate "Vargr í Véum" ("wolf in the temple", meaning "outlaw"), the book mentioned in "Dagbladet". Not sure when or even if I will translate "VíV" either, because, frankly, I am not very interested in the subject (Black Metal anno 1991-1993) anymore. I am more likely to simply rewrite the whole book in English instead - some time in the future. Don't wait up for it, though. This book is not a priority to me, and the Norwegian Black Metal scene really doesn't deserve the attention.

Varg Vikernes
December 2009

Written for www.burzum.org exclusively.

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