Paganism: Part VIII - Supernatural Selection

Paganism is often seen as a social-Darwinist ideology advocating natural selection, but this is actually as far from the truth as you can get. Surprised? Well, You shouldn't be. Take a minute to think about it; a natural selection means survival of the fittest, alright, but that is basically survival of the most cunning. Predators survive and thrive not because they are courageous, noble and strong, but because they use all the deceptive means available to them in order to survive, because they generally speaking only attack those weaker than them, and because they have absolutely no empathy, honour, mercy or pity whatsoever. The so-called proud lions kill the most helpless and weak prey, and do so by ambushing them. Housecats torture to death rodents 1/10 of their own size, again by ambushing them. Eagles dive down from the sky and kill unaware, helpless and tiny creatures. Wolves attack in packs, hunting down lone prey. Snakes kill with venom. Where is the honour in any of this? The predators are all cowards, assassins and void of any type of decency and honour.

If you employ this natural selection in the human world you will cultivate the animal in man. The most cunning will indeed survive, at the expense of all others, but the world will turn into a horrible animal planet. We actually have a name on these most cunning creatures amongst us; they are called psychopaths! They are animal creatures, subhumans, because they lack the divine traits and abilities that make us human and different from animals.

Man is paradoxical creature, part earthly and partly divine, because when we were created by the gods they did it using the best blood of the earthly giants. They gave us a divine appearance and a mind (or "soul" if You like), but the nature of the giants is still there, in our blood, and we must never forget that. We can either listen to the call of our giant nature, "the call of Cthulu", and become like animals (id est psychopaths), or we can follow the dictates of the mind and stay human, and eventually become gods. The man who employs the survival of the fittest in his society will in practise introduce the rule of the giants, and simply turn into an animal.

The Scandinavian mythology warns us about the fact that if we let Loki (the intelligence) work unassisted by Óðin (the mind) he will lead us to ruin. Loki is not "evil" or anything like that, but without the guidance of the mind he destroys the world anyway - because his inquisitive nature sees it as a challenge ("Is Baldr really invulnerable? Hm... I have to find out") and because he has no moral (mind) to guide him.

Honesty, valour, fidelity, kindness, empathy, mercy and everything else we see as good and positive is unnatural, or rather supernatural. These are divine traits and abilities, passed down to us from the gods, and not from nature! All living creatures, including animals, have traces of the divine in them, because they are all created by the gods, but according to our mythology only humans of Jarl's kin (the Nordic man [=the European man]) have the prerequisites necessary to become gods. Our duty and purpose is to let the gods prevail, and make sure the giants don't. Our duty and purpose is to become gods; kind, honest, loyal, empathic, courageous and strong nobles. We need intelligence too, sure, but never intelligence alone.

In the beginning of time the gods themselves taught the Nordic man how to live in order to become divine, and until the late Bronze Age (or in Scandinavia and North-Central and North-Eastern Europe until the Viking Age) we followed these rules and laws. We arranged sports contests, like the Olympic games, to find the men with the best blood, and then let them marry several women (priestesses) to make sure the best blood dominated the tribes, we cultivated the noble man in religious ceremonies and mysteries, we weeded out the psychopaths and weaklings amongst us, and removed the defective genes by employing a system of race hygiene, we didn't allow inferior individuals to mate with us, we lived challenging lives to be able to separate the weak from the strong, and so forth. We - the Europeans - were all blonde, blue- or grey-eyed, fair and beautiful Pagans.

Varg Vikernes

Mens sana in corpore sano!
(A healthy mind in a healthy body)

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