Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Petrified" Magazine (#3, 1994)

Petrified Magazine 1994 USAVarg, good to see you're still around! How has O.K.F. been treating you?

Like a heathen in a Christian jail, still many of the guards are more heathen so it varies a lot from guard to guard. They steal all my Burzum Propaganda though. The Jail-Priest is one brainwashed sucker too... Welcome to HELL... HAH!

Have you had any problems with anyone in the prison?

No problems with Scandinavians, but these Muslims do their best to make things bad for me. False accusations, threats, attacks and such, but they don't get away with it. Nobody fucks with Norwegians in Norway, we don't tolerate that, KKK Norwegian division. HA HA.

When is/was your trial?

Comes up the 18th of April (1994). Lasting about three weeks.

What are you being charged with?

Four cases of Church Arson and one attempt First Degree Murder of the little commie rat, possession of illegal arms, theft 'n storage of 150 kg of dynamite, 7-8 burglaries, some grave desecration and some other minor havoc. The final list of charges I know not yet... Anyway, I won't be found guilty on but some minor charges, unless they believe in what the false witnesses say.

Who has remained loyal to you, since all this bullshit has taken place?

Everybody but some betrayers... Only the weaklings and failures betrayed us... Most were men.

Who are the betrayers?

Samoth and Bård Faust of Emperor turned everybody in to the police and witnessed false against us to save their own feeble asses... Cowards who gave up without a fight. Fucking Christians...

Which members of the Black Circle have fallen because of police crackdown?

I won't tell as it would tell the police who are my allies. Bård Faust got 14 years, but is no more our ally. His punishment will start when he gets out, we are all Vikings - Avengers of Blood.

What will happen to Burzum (and you) if you are found guilty?

I'll continue inside the prison-walls. Also I'll grow stronger in all ways, prison is adversity and adversity strengthens...

What will you be releasing?

Nothing changes. I'll release firstly the "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" album on Misanthropy Records in U.K. and later "Filosofem". Probably on the same label.

Have any of your views changed - since the death of Euronymous and the jail tune you have had?

Nothing ideological or morally, but of course we all change more or less in half a year. I'm still an opponent of the ludicrous "God" of the Christians and Jews. And I won't ever change those views. Born Heathen and Heathen forever, the Viking spirit shall never die.

In your opinion - do you think there are any true Black Metal bands left in Norway other than yours?

Yes, of course. Darkthrone, Immortal, ...In The Woods, and many more. We won't give up just because some losers of Emperor knocked most of us off with their false testimonies. Emperor is nothing, and nothing changes nothing. We will win - found guilty or not guilty matters NOT. For I am alive with my pride and respect as ever before. Perish the weaklings and failures. Let us help them disappear...

What was your verdict?

Twenty one years.

Are you planning to appeal it?

Of course, the verdict is fucking insane. Twenty one years for killing a guy in self-defense is sick... Jewish-Justice.

Who testified against you?

Samoth and Faust of Emperor, Jørn of Hades, and two other guys. These weaklings first knocked off everybody in the scene who had done anything illegal and they testified against me/us in court. Unfortunately we do not have the same "silence" as you got in the U.S. in this communist country, with a fucking Jew as a prime-minister, informers are hailed as "Honest People".

Who backed you?

All the others...

I have been told that the Black Metal Mafia no longer exists, but new Black Metal Mafia has risen in Norway... Is this true? And who are some of the members?

Well, call it a rejuvenation. I changed the name of our movement and we have expelled the weaklings and hobby-elitists. The "members" are all those who support us and live to fight for national socialism (or call it National Social individualism if you like).

Some of the members?

Well you need not know...

Who now runs your record label in Norway (Cymophane)?

Metalion of "Slayer" Magazine. Cymophane is also the name of our movement. It is Greek and it means "Wave To Appear".

Do you still believe In the Anti-LaVey slogan placed on all the DSP releases?

I believe in working with all types of heretics and not against them. The Church Of Satan has certain Judaic and Hellenic elements which contradict our Norse nature, also the whole Anton LaVey ideology is "soporific" asit discourages any illegal activity at all. Nothing will change if we have such an altitude. After all. If we watch the history, all change is caused by people breaking the laws and not by those who follow them. It seems like the Church Of Satan will fall asleep and wake up when we have changed the situation. What they fail to realize is that we do not want to change the course of "the ship", we want to sink it and swim ashore (those who make that tough swim). Guess who will swim with that ship as they sit there and wait for the world to change? Still I hope they realize this and join us, so I won't work against them. Wake up guys. Only pussies hide the the law. All gain needs pain, all pain is gain.

Rumors have said that Euronymons was going to sell "Helvete", and stop doing all that he was doing... is this true?

Partially, as he closed his shop and began working against me. Envy is a curse. That is probably why he worked against me, after all, well gifted Church Of Satan to.

I heard that Euronymous felt threatened by you. And that he was going to get you before you got him. Do you have anything to say about this?

He tried but he failed, as failures usually do, so I answered by slaughtering him... My act was a response to his, so the splendid killing was in self-defense. It is correct that he felt threatened. He even threatened me. Weak men threat, real men act. I had to provoke him severely to make him act.

What is/was the goal of the Black Metal Mafia?

We want to destroy this capitalist Judaic system of Hedonism, eradicate the Judeo-Christian ethics. National Altruism and Egalitarian Mediocrity. We want to preamble the "ways of our Germanic Blood". Which is the cardinal personal goal for all of us of which are to endeavor for personal magnanimity, abstain from detrimental and stupefacient fruition, partake tedious, enduing and perilous tasks with peremptory obedience, transpose of honour and not to deviate from these principles.

What do you think of all the bands rising, sounding like Burzum and cloning your vocals?

If I care about such small people, I am no bigger myself. Strength is to ignore...

In what way are you affiliated with Nazism, KKK, Skinheads, etc?

I know some KKK guys who support Burzum and Cymophane, but that's all I know about them really... I am studying esoteric "Nazism", as you call it, and the vast majority of my friends are either National Socialists, Skinheads or "similar". So I am naturally affiliated with "Nazism". National Socialism is built on our archetypical values so whether we want it or not. We the German people are all very National Socialistic by nature. Just like all Romans are fascists and Jews are Capitalist scum by nature.

Just for curiously, are there blacks in Norway?

Yes, but most are Pakis and Arabs; Muslims. In jail there are quite a few of all these, but they walk silently in the doors. If they get too big-mouthed, we teach them to "behave".

Can you list all your supporters worldwide who are distributing/releasing merchandise?

Ask Misanthropy Records, I care less about such "Mundane" affairs.

It came out in a Norwegian newspaper that in your trial you had the most arrogant attitude ever, can you comment on this?

I will give you a clue, "The Jewish-Tabloid-Press". To quote Adolf Hitler, "A National Socialist who is not slandered and held up to scorn in the press, is no real NS". Even though I am not really a NS, they, the Jew-Press, view me as one, so they spread a lot of bullshit. Just because I stood proud and did not show any submissiveness, which is unusual in the Christian world, they came up with all sorts of idiocy. They fail to comprehend that I am not scared by their feeble prison sentence, they're fucking stunned. Jew-Clowns.

What did you plead? And what is your side of the story?

I plead NOT GUILTY on all charges but theft and storage of 150 kg of dynamite. I killed him in self-defense so I am not guilty in MURDER. They had no single proof but those idiotic weaklings, I mentioned earlier in this interview, who talked charges on a dozen of us. My side of the story is like this: Jews always need a scapegoat when things get out of control. They are so full of lies it makes me sick. To bad the holocaust is a lie too, I would love to know they lost six million of their ugly, elephant-nosed, foul mouthed sub-apes. Too bad it is a lie. Anyway, to keep it short, they needed a scapegoat and they got one... I can but take it as a compliment and a sign of fear in their ranks.

Any final comments?

Join the NSLF and Cymophane. BURN what you spurn, strife is life. Lay waste to the Jews world...

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Petrified Magazine 1994 USA

Petrified Magazine 1994 USA

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