War in Europe: Part II - The Price of Anti-Racism

This is a reaction to Grethe Bøe-Waal, who the 21st of April 2012 wrote an article for Aftenposten (a "Norwegian" newspaper) titled "The Price of Racism". She talks about her adoptee friend of Asian descent who according to her was driven to suicide by the racism he was exposed to in Norway. She talks about how the racists are responsible for the consequences of their words.

As a Norwegian I react strongly to what she has to say, and would like that she and others like her had a better understanding of reality. Racists are not the problem when Norwegians adopt or in other manners import individuals of other races to our country. The problem is the "anti-racists'" lack of respect for and comprehension of the fact that we actually have a diversity on this planet not only in respect to different animal races and species but also in respect to different human races and even different human species (see www.mariecachet.com for proof of that)! If you take a look at nature you will see that the various animal races and species do not mix naturally; only animals who have had their insincts broken down by breeding and domestication and in a few rare cases also wild animals who have no alternatives (like animals in captivity) mix with other races or species. If you for example take a dog and place it amongst wolves the wolves will kill it immediately. That's how nature works, whether we like it or not. "Anti-racists" for sure don't like it, for various reasons, but it is wrong to attack racists only because they are exactly how nature intended them to be.

When the wolves kill a dog amongst them they don't need to be re-educated because of that. The ones who need to be re-educated are those who placed the dog amongst the wolves in the first place! Similarily, the racists don't need to be re-educated when they react negatively to persons of other races living amongst them. Those who placed that person of another race are the ones who need to be re-educated! We cannot and should not even want to change the laws of nature. We should instead adapt to them. We cannot make the laws of nature fit to our own confused ideologies and wild ideas.

I am sorry, Miss Bøe-Waal and others, but if it hadn't been for "anti-racists" spreading their lies in Norway and elsewhere in the European world we would not have suffered from all the problems we face today because of racism. Adoptive parents are not "evil" or want to hurt their adopted children, but even the most selfish of them would think twice about adopting children from another race if they understood the laws of nature and the consequences of them. They don't understand this because they have been mislead by the massive lie-propaganda (regarding the "multicultural" society's imaginary virtues) that we are all exposed to on a daily basis in schools, in the media, in adverts and everywhere else too.

What you also seem to forget completely, Miss Bøe-Waal, are all the Norwegian victims of the "anti-racists'" massive import of individuals of other races to Norway. In Oslo Norwegian children are already exposed to the same racism, and are being bullied in school for being white, are being beaten up in the streets for being white, et cetera, and suffer on a daily basis because they are already becoming a minority in their own fatherland! Remember that even if the wolves kill a dog who tries to live amongst them the dogs will start to kill the wolves if they outnumber them sufficiently. Is it not only natural that Norwegians react when we are about to be replaced by other races in our own country? This might happen in Oslo within 5 years, as claimed by Breivik, or 16 years as claimed by SSB, or it can take a 100 years for all we know, but that is irrelevant; it is wrong for us to ever let it happen! We have the right to live too, to survive as a nation in our own homeland, and soon we will not even have a place to go either, if we want to escape the racism of the other races. The "dogs" are about to become a majority in all European nations, so we will be exposed to their racism no matter where we go. You so-called "anti-racists" have destroyed all our European countries with massive immigration! Where are we supposed to live then? Where are my blonde children supposed to live in 60 years? Where are their blonde children supposed to live? Why do you only care about coloured individuals who have fallen victim to racism, and at the same time work actively to make sure everyone of your own race will fall victim to the same racism? Are you incapable of seeing the lunacy in this?

Try to corner an animal and you will see what will happen! Be not surprised when the animal attacks you. Humans are also animals, and people like Anders Breivik act on instinct because you have cornered them. You can actually thank yourselves for the fact that he killed some of you "anti-racists". You have cornered our entire European race! Like Breivik says more and more individuals in the European nations will react with aggression. Finally large groups will revolt. Perhaps even entire peoples. The future does not look bright. The carnage will come and it is all your fault! This is a consequence of your "anti-racist" policies and your actions! You and those who "educated" you are responsible for this.

Since you show such a total disregard for the laws of nature why not invent an ideology that denies the existence of gravity too. Then all of you can just jump off a cliff, and at least you will not trouble anyone else when you are smashed against the rocks below. Then you, Miss Bøe-Waal, can learn the seven truly redeeming words; "Do you want to fly with me?", and you can say that to all your "anti-racist" friends, and free the rest of us from your insane self-hating ideology. If you did that at least nobody would have been driven to suicide because of racism, be raped by men of other races, be stabbed on the tram in Oslo by Negroes, be beaten for the colour of their skin or in other manners be subjected to the racial conflict you have created with your "anti-racism" policies the last 67 years. Let the dogs live where they belong, and let the wolves live where they belong. Everyone will live happier and better lives if they just stick to their own and stay on their own turfs.

This image (taken from "Aftenposten", a "Norwegian" newspaper) shows the percentage of immigrants of all ages in Oslo in 2002 and 2012. The percentage of immigrant children (<18 year olds) in Oslo is approximately double this number. So in some parts of Oslo about 90% of all children are immigrants.


Varg Vikernes
Author, writer and musician.
Bergen 21.04.2012

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