Burzum: The Wolf Unleashed
Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Fenrir" Magazine (#2, July 2010) by Edyta Mogilnicka and Michael Morthwork

Fenrir MagazineThe centerpiece of this issue's GA is an interesting interview with the Balobian entity that is Norway's Burzum. We find that Varg Vikernes' general worldview and life has much in common with the ethos and practice of the ONA, and we aim to feature other such like-minded individuals in the future...


The music of Burzum gives vent to the darker side of human nature and expresses through the symbolism of ancient myths and legends a defiant gesture against the sterile modern world. Would you agree with this statement?

Yes and no. It does express a defiant gesture against the sterile modern world, but I see no dark side of the human nature in Burzum. I see only the light side of human nature in Burzum. Defiance in itself is a sign of strength, and strength is a light side of human nature - when at all present, that is. As you may know; not all men are strong... or even true men.

You once said the following to describe the reason for the existence of your music: "A dream without holds in reality, it is to stimulate the fantasy of mortals, to make them dream". I think music in some cases is able to encapsulate the essence of the divine or the numinous, the various aspects of the gods, in a way that the written word or even painting is not able to do. What is the purpose of Burzum's music today?

You could say that the purpose is to educate, embrace and enlighten some, and to aggravate, alienate and attack others. However, there is no single purpose of Burzum's music; everything lies in the eye of the beholder (or rather the mind of the listener). It is what you are able to find.

What inspires you to still create music, even after 20 years or so?

Despair, I guess, still and as always. A will to express my distaste for the modern world - and for the modern man in general.

It seems that in this increasingly technology reliant world of ours, it's becoming more and more likely that people will be able to "augment" or improve themselves by bio/nano/cybertechnology of some sort. Do you think this could lead to the übermensch, or it's just shallow surface improvements?

Biotechnology (alone, of the ones you mentioned) and of course old-fashioned (positive) race hygiene could lead to a good foundation for such a man, but we would need a different type of education (Spartan, perhaps?) and society (more advanced) as well. Metal ore alone is not worth much. We need crafts as well to make a sword.

I think it's fair to say that modern society / the nation state has been created almost entirely to keep weaker and mundane people safe and secure, and everyone else in thrall to the laws and morals of that society which exist only for the same purpose. In your opinion, what would the ideal society look like?

The problem is actually agriculture and the fact that we are no longer living in nomadic tribal societies - and there are far too many of us. However, that will never happen again, and perhaps that's a good thing, so maybe a feudal or classical (ancient European) society would be ideal. To me personally an ideal society would be a world where only I and those I care for exist... Maybe a house with a huge garden and a huge wall around it, and a rifle (or a bow and arrow) to shoot anyone who trespasses. I don't care much about society. If it is bad (as it surely is) it will break down and be replaced by something better. Eventually. Sit down and enjoy the ruin of our world; it is happening as we speak, right in front of our eyes. When it is all ruin we can emerge from our castles, towers and caves, and build a new one - using the survivors of the old world as slaves. Or line them up against the wall.

In the old days of Burzum, you spoke about how the Norwegian Black Metal scene of those times was like an isolated tribe with its own codes of conduct and loyalties - you carried weapons and entirely removed yourselves from "normal" people on the street. Do you miss that aspect of sinister camaraderie at all? Even if the idea of it was not perhaps fulfilled in reality by some involved?

I don't miss it, because it was false. It was not a pack of wolves, but a single wolf and a herd of sheep in wolves' clothing following in the wolf's footsteps. I detest followers, like I detest other vermin.

It's a currently widely held view that everyone is "equal". It's apparently wrong to say that some people are less intelligent, less attractive, or less capable than others. To say so is what you might call heretical. What are your thoughts on these modern "heresies", and who do they benefit exactly?

Well, in the short run they naturally benefit the less intelligent, less attractive and the less capable, and in the longer run they for a while benefit those who need our species to be made up of slave-minded human beings to stay in control. Eventually they will be the downfall of man, all of us, unless of course we revolt and stay strong. Now, we do revolt and stay strong, so this is really not a problem. I mean; no matter what the hordes of long-noses and "artists" and "writers" and others do or say I choose to stay strong, and I am not alone. There are many out there just like me. So, if the rest grow even weaker, dumber and less capable, why would we care? Fuck 'em, so to speak. Let them rot. Let them dive into and drown in that pool of mud if they don't understand better. They are just slaves anyway...

I imagine you'd agree that the world is overpopulated (with all races of people?)? If so, what solution to this problem would you suggest? For example, one modern philosopher suggests only half-jokingly that everyone with an IQ under 120 should be killed.

Well, I strongly disagree with him; we really do need our working class (our slaves) as well. Mankind is like a human body; they are made up of cells (individuals). Some are brain cells. Others are blood cells. Some are bone cells and others are skin cells. Et cetera. We do need them all, in fact, but we first and foremost need the brain cells to be in charge. That's the problem today. We let the hands and feet (working class) do the thinking, and let foreign viruses (like Jews and Muslims) tell them what to think.

What do you think about space exploration and colonization of other planets? Is this a realistic aim in your opinion?

It is hardly realistic today, but you never know what might happen in the future. I guess when I say this I sound religious, and let me assure you that I am not, but I think this planet is and should be our prison (Hell?). Most likely we "fell down" from the stars, for some reason, and landed on this planet for a purpose. Maybe we are not yet welcome out there, with our inferior individuals still amongst us as equals (rather than as crow fodder or slaves, as it should be), and will not be welcome either for a while.

Why is it, do you think, that World governments and the majority of people they govern seem to reduce the state of the world into just one of many "issues" to be dealt with, like "the environment", without seeing the connections between?

Partem et circenses. It's just a show, you know. Keep the masses fed and entertain them, to keep them in line.

Thanks for the interview!

My pleasure. Good luck to you and may nature's love shine upon you.

Authors: Edyta Mogilnicka and Michael Morthwork (© 2010 "Fenrir" Magazine)

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