A Burzum Story: Part III - The Lie-Propaganda

It is very hard for me to write about the Burzum biographies, articles and interviews, because there is so much to say about them. There are basically two categories: those written by people who are pre-Burzum and those written by people who are anti-Burzum. I have never really seen any objective biographies, articles or interviews, although most of the anti-Burzum biographies, writers and interviewers tend to portray themselves as so very objective, while the pro-Burzum biographies never try to hide the fact that they are pro-Burzum.

It is a bit odd to see that some journalists and writers ask for information about me from people in Antifa (some "anti-fascist" terror organization), Monitor (a private intelligence service dedicated to monitoring all so-called right-wing activity and dissidents in Norway) or Antirasistisk Senter (Anti-Racist Centre). They could just ask me for information about me or my ideas, but instead they ask these people, and still pretend to be writing "objective" and "reliable" articles about me. It's like asking the Gestapo for information about dissidents in Hitler's Germany and expect to get fair and objective information.

What surprise me the most, though, are all the forged interviews out there. Instead of actually interviewing me, some people have simply pretended to interview me and published it, making up answers to their own questions. The best known false interview is probably the one included in the book "Lucifer Rising", but unfortunately it is not the only one.

Another very peculiar type of "interviews" are the interviews that are based on an actual interview, but apart from that are pure nonsense. One of these is (partly?) included in an article called "Music, Murder And Fire - Black Metal The Scandinavian Way". The whole article is basically just fiction, but I recognize parts of it from an interview I gave in 1994 or 1995, to a small German fellow, working for "Tempo", apparently a German popular magazine of some sort, possibly based in Hamburg. But at the end of the article titled "Music, Murder And Fire - Black Metal The Scandinavian Way" the author is listed as some "Ilde" (a pseudonym?), and it was apparently published in "Nieuwe Revu" magazine, something that sounds pretty Dutch to me - and I have never heard of it before.

The guy from "Tempo" described me as looking ein Bisschen wie ein Engel (a bit like an angel), like the Ilde person does, only in English, but Ilde adds that: "[Vikernes] looks out the window, through the trees he has a view on a high wall with watchtowers and search lights", and this alone is proof that this is a forged interview. First of all, I spoke with the German fellow from "Tempo" in Bergen prison in 1994 or 1995, and as far as I remember there were no windows in that room, but if I am wrong and there were actually windows there the only thing You can see through them is another prison block anyhow (and certainly no trees). Also, there is not a single watchtower with search lights in any of the prisons in Norway. The Norwegian prisons are simply not built that way (and I may add, in response to a silly article from 2003, claiming I had been shot by a prison guard, that the prison guards don't carry guns either). So what on Earth is this Ilde talking about? The whole interview is obviously another forgery. He has never spoken to me! I don't even know who he is - or who she is, for that sake!

So there are people out there who actually forge interviews and then publish them in magazines and on the Internet. They base their fake interviews on other fake interviews and of course on real interview as well, adding some flavour of their own, to make it look like they want it to, regardless of the truth.

The original interview in "Tempo" was, by the way, also a load of crap, and the ridicules and utterly false information that my father used to beat my mother and me comes from this magazine. He - the German guy - probably made this story up by himself, for some unknown reason.

Where do people like this German get this bullshit from? When it has no roots in reality whatsoever, they must be making it up all by themselves. Why? Why make up stories when you can just ask me to get the truth?

The rest of the "Music, Murder And Fire - Black Metal The Scandinavian Way" article/interview is in the same vein. It is all a load of crap. Some of it is pure fiction, and some is based on other interviews, that are published by people who only wanted to demonize me. If I smiled to the journalists they described it as "sneers" and if I didn't smile to them I was "cold as ice". No matter what I did or said it was all wrong, and they twisted everything. In court I told them that I wasn't a Satanist and that I regarded Satanism a Judeo-Christian idiocy, I talked about Óðinn and Þórr, and yet the judge wrote that "Varg Vikernes believes in Satan" and the media headlines told us that I was a Satanist. Even in 2001 the director of the department of justice in Norway (amazingly) wrote the same in a letter to a psychiatrist and a psychologist, who were supposed to write a report about whether I was a psychopath or not (and they meant that I wasn't, by the way). So the director of the department of justice too claimed I was a Satanist and that "Varg Vikernes believes in Satan". Even people working in the prison I was in at the time were shocked by the ignorance (or rather malice) of the director of the department of justice. The psychiatrist and the psychologist too reacted negatively to her statement, and naturally wondered why on Earth she did that.

So what can we expect from morons writing for the Internet or some pointless magazine? How can we believe in the different biographies, articles and "interviews" out there, when even judges in the justice system and the director of the department of justice in Norway make up or reiterate lies like that?

In short all the biographies, articles and most of the interviews are full of lies. Instead of telling You about all the lies, in an endless stream of articles like this one, I will simply tell You not to trust anything You can read about me, unless it is written by me.

Sadly, we cannot trust anything that has been said and written about other dissidents either. The dissidents are always demonized, and supporters of the rulers are always glorified. History is nothing but a tool used by the rulers to make the masses adore and follow them, and to make sure they spurn and work against their enemies or adversaries.

Even in (junior high) school today innocent children/teenagers in Norway learn about the "devil worshipping" and "satanic" Varg Vikernes. If a different system or at least honesty prevails I will perhaps be described more like I see myself, as a person who rejected the temptation of a comfortable life in a wealthy country, because I would rather do what is right. I refused to participate in the rape of Mother Earth, and revolted against the modern world.

Today I am seen as nothing but a criminal, so I cannot expect that the minions of this rotten system tell people the truth about me, and of course I am not the only one being subjected to this kind of lie-propaganda. Everybody who revolts against the modern world and this sick system experiences more or less the same as I do. They are demonized, ignored, slandered and so forth. Even the average teenager will experience this in the local community, if he or she does something that is seen as anti-social or politically incorrect (or only wear special clothes). Everybody who revolts against the modern world must be prepared to face the consequences, but that does not mean we should just accept that they are spreading lies, ignoring us or slandering us. We must always fight back, never give up. No matter what.

When the "Western" powers support dissidents in other countries, whether it is in Burma, China, Zimbabwe or somewhere else, they call them dissidents or oppositionals, but all the dissidents in the "Western" world are called either criminals or simply terrorists. They don't even acknowledge that there is a legitimate reason to revolt against the "Western" world, because they want to establish it as an indisputable fact that their so-called "democracy" is the best way to rule a country. To argue against that is like arguing against the theory of macroevolution with scientists, or even worse, question the veracity of the Holocaust theory in front of your history lecturer. No matter what you say they will see you as a complete idiot and refuse to even listen to what you have to say.

A fanatic is simply an idealist you disagree with, and an idealist is simply a fanatic you agree with. So the "idealists" rule the "Western" world, and the "fanatics" like me are persecuted. That is how it works, and You should always keep that in mind when You read about people like me. It's still their game. You should also keep this in mind when You don't hear about people like me at all.

Thank You for the attention.

Varg "Tenacious of Life" Vikernes
(Written in December 2004, updated in April 2005)

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Fama crescit eundo!
(The rumour grows as it goes)

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