The Lords Of Lies: Part IX - A Call For Resistance

Dear fellow Europeans and all others too,

In 1994 I wrote in "Vargsmål" that our governments let so many Muslims into our contries possibly because they want us to feel threatened enough by them to support Israel no matter what. This was before the government of the USA in secret launched their terror campaign on their own population, and blamed the Muslims, to have an excuse to start their "War on Terror" and subdue other countries without too many protests, but today this fairly original hypothesis from 1994 seems to hold more truth than I could imagine.

What we have seen since 9/11 is a very aggressive campaign by some groups and companies made up of very rich individuals to make us all accept more and more surveillance and humiliation in the name of "the war on terror". They make us give up more and more of our rights and our freedom, and everything is done in the name of this bogus "war on terror" and of course "security". Our security, of course... Increased airport control; electronic passports; DNA databases; personal information databases; more police surveillance; more cameras in more locations; new laws; and so forth. They introduce new means to improve our "security" almost weekly.

Had they introduced all their means to fights "terrorism" and make our societies "secure" in one day every single one of us would have realised what they were trying to do and we would have revolted. So instead they do it gradually and over time. After some time they will have introduced enough means to make sure that we cannot revolt, even if we see through their lies and break free from their brainwash and manage to think for ourselves long enough to comprehend that we need to revolt against them. I may add that we are already way past Orwell's 1984 dystopia in many respects; it's already worse than this to many of us! Soon everyone will be in chains mental (through brain wash) as well as physical chains.

So what on Earth is it they want? Why do they want to turn us all into slaves? Of course it's about power and money that has always been their main driving force but it's also about hatred. These rich individuals hate us; they hate our culture, they hate our philosophy, our history, our mythology, our values, our religion and most importantly; they hate us. By us I mean those of European decent. Sure, they hate just about everyone else too, but their hatred for Europe and everything European is the key here and the reason they are doing what they do and they don't even understand this themselves! That only makes them more dangerous though, because they think of themselves and present themselves with their massive propaganda machinery as the victims whenever we protest against what they do, and always act in accordance with this.

They think of themselves as above all the rest of us, and somehow believe perhaps instinctively that they have the right to destroy us if they can. Now, they cannot unless we let them, we are smarter, stronger and better than them, but for some reason we let them do this, albeit slowly and somewhat reluctantly, and we have done so since the Christianization of the peoples of Europe, and even more since anno 1789, and even more since anno 1881, and even more since anno 1918, and even more since anno 1945, and even more since anno 2001. Today even we hate ourselves, because we are so messed up mentally by their lie-propaganda and so drained, ruined and exhausted by their 2000 year-old campaign to destroy us.

Dear European brothers and sisters; heed my words and take note of what I say in this call! Be courageous, be strong, be smart; be European! Rid yourselves of this filthy beast's influence over you and your home! Heal yourselves! Heal your kin! Heal Europe! To Europe and everyone else too; RESIST THIS ENEMY!

Anyone who wishes to have my permission to translate this article into any language and publish this article anywhere and in any form.

Yours truly,
Varg Vikernes
March 2011

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