The Lords Of Lies: Part VII - Impersonator's Paradise

Some e-mails from honest individuals and a few "Google" searches made me realise that there are many impersonators out there claiming to be me or claiming to run official Burzum websites of some sort. Let me therefore briefly tell you that I have no website of any kind other than www.burzum.org, administrated by the honourable BattleGrim. Not on MySpace or anywhere else.

To avoid any confusion in the future I can add that if I ever get my own "space" on MySpace or anything like that I will announce it on www.burzum.org. If I don't you will know that I am not there. Not in any shape or form. Not even under a pseudonym or any other disguise.

I can also add, as a reminder, that www.burzum.org came about because BattleGrim and I wanted to create a site with reliable information about Burzum, to counter all the lies of the music press and other media institutions -- including the impersonator's paradise (the Internet).

So let me say this once more; the only website with reliable information regarding Burzum (or me for that sake) is www.burzum.org. If it's not on www.burzum.org it's not true and you shouldn't trust it. Other's may report Burzum news too, but if it's not on www.burzum.org as well don't trust it until it is.

In other words; if you ever read something about Burzum or me, check out www.burzum.org as well, and see if it is true... and boycott other Burzum websites claiming to be official or claiming to have my approval. They don't and they are nothing but problem to me - and sources of misinformation to all of us.

Varg Vikernes
December 2009

Written for www.burzum.org exclusively.

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