In The Cell With Varg Vikernes
Interview with Varg Vikernes
"Fritt Forum/Norsk Blad" Magazine (#07-08, 1997)

He is convicted for murder and church arsons. He is 24 years old and will do time for ca. 10 more years. We met him at Ila national prison. The Odinist and National Socialist, Varg Vikernes, is probably one of the most talked about men in Norwegian history. He has managed to become a respectable musician and book author. The book he has written is entitled "Vargsmål". Musically he is most known through Burzum, which is sold over the whole world.


Varg Vikernes, when was your band, Burzum, started?

Burzum was started on a serious level in 1991 (A.Y.P.S.), but at that time I had already for four years been working with the same thing, as a side project under the name Uruk-Hai. This name basically means something like "Race with creative thoughts", while Burzum means "darkness" or "light" all depending on the viewer. Both words are borrowed from a fictional language based on old Norse, constructed by J.R.R. Tolkien.

How would you characterize your music and lyrics?

The music on the five first albums are quite varied. Some aggressive, some dozing, some depressive, etc. The music on the sixth album, Burzum "Balder's Død", is totally different from the others, like some "new-classical" way. It is a musical interpretation of the myth about Balder's death, with classical instruments. About the lyrics, I can say they are right through anti-Christian, pro-Germanic and bitter? [Vikernes answers in a questionable way]

Many say that Burzum is Black Metal. How do you react to this?

People may believe what they want. The new Burzum is not "metal" at all, and I will newer create any "metal" in the future either, so I give a good Fuck in what people may believe about the old Burzum. If they walk around calling Burzum Black Metal they might as well call the Sun for the Moon. There will always be people who don't know what they are talking about. Ignore them - simply.

Not A Satanist

Are you a Satanist, Vikernes?

No, and I have newer been a Satanist either. I have on the other hand used the term in the meaning "opponent to all Jewish religions" - I might name Christendom - in a short period in 1992. I quickly stopped using it when I found out that no one else interpreted the term in that way. I'm on the other hand an opponent of Satanism, just as I am a opponent to all other variants of Judo-Christian anti-religions.

Christendom - Satanism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism etc. - are all foreign religions, which have nothing to do with our race at all! We always have been, and will always be Odin's race. [Varg Vikernes answers, and ends with "Heil Odin" to put a line under his spiritual belonging]


Varg Vikernes became as know a celebrity after he was arrested and later convicted for murder and church arsons in the beginning of 1990s, something that led to a violent media-interest in the "Satanism" - society in Norway. In foreign countries, Vikernes has become a cult-person to many thousand followers.

His records are being sold in the biggest record shops all over the world, and he has just released his newest record named "Balder's Død". In April this year, a handful of radical nationalists where arrested by the surveillance police. They where accused for having planed an armed burst out of Vikernes.


150 Kg Dynamite Against Blitz

During your trial you were accused of planning to blow up Nidarosdomen, Is this true? (Nidarosdomen is a big cathedral in Norway)

It is true that my accuser said so, but this was not the case. That I and some of my friends - had planed to blow up Nidarosdomen is a lie. It was also stated that the 150 kilos of dynamite was to be used to blow up the Blitz house and Stortinget (the Norwegian parliament building, found here: www.stortinget.no), but this probably did not interest the Jewish press, because if people would have known, then I probably would have become directly popular. [said Vikernes while smiling] Neither their politicians nor their offspring - the Blitzrubish - are widely popular to the folk, you know...

What thoughts do you make of today's politics in Norway?

The only outcome of today's politics in Norway is the destruction of our folk and race, we are drowning in what I call genetical garbage. In the Judo-Christian Norway today they worship everything that is sick, weak, cowardice, ugly, non-fertile, foreign and destroyed. Useless human beings are kept alive at every cost - all in the "humanists" or the Jewish "Gods" name. There is also shown a disrespectful way against Mother Nature, which basically is being raped by capitalists.

It's like a thousand years of Judeo-Christianity has broken our races will for survival. There looks like the spark of life has disappeared, exhausted by the dream of a "Heaven". I can not see any other reason to this, that our race is committing collective suicide through a Jewish dictator. [States an engaged Varg Vikernes to "FF/NB". He continues...] My total loss of respect for everyone who agrees with this kind of politics, and who therefore contributes to the destruction of Odin's holy race, Jarls ætt. A folk who does not resist against the ones who is trying to destroy it, does not deserve to live.

Have your political position made your stay in jail heavier than if you for example had you been a communist or antiracist?

It depends on what you mean with "a heavier stay". My meanings and ways makes me capable of carrying any burden of any weight on my shoulders, and therefore the effect of my extra burdens that I carry will disappear because of my beliefs. There is no instrument of might in this sickening, weak "democracy" we live in, that is capable of changing "a Norwegian soul in a Norwegian body" in any negative way. Whatever they might do, we can smile and say: "Gelobt Sei, Was Hart Macht" (promised be, what makes me hard(er)).

Has Written The Book "Vargsmål"

You have written a book named "Vargsmål". What is it about?

It is about Norwegians, Norwegian culture and Norway. But it is also a defense statement for me. The Book is meant to enlighten people, make them more enlightened about their history and race, and make them more enlightened about what is happening to our "civilization".

Some last words to our readers and to the nationalists of today's people?


We thank Varg Vikernes for the interview.

© 1997 "Fritt Forum/Norsk Blad" Magazine
Translated from Norwegian by Vidar Ermesjø

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