"Gummo" (Soundtrack) 1998
Domino Recording Company

Gummo (Soundtrack) 1998

Featured Bands:

"The Gold Torques Of Ulaid" - Absu
"Serving Time In The Middle Of Nowhere" - Eyehategod
"D.W.S.O.B." - Electric Hellfire Club
"Gummo Love Theme" - Spazz
"Schuld Uns'res Knoch'rigen Faltpferd" - Bethlehem
"Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Säule Der Singularität" - Burzum
"Equimanthorn" - Bathory
"Smokin' Husks" - Dark Noerd
"Dragonaut" - Sleep
"Matando Gueros 97" - Brujeria
"The Medicined Man" - Namamax
"Hellish Blasphemy" - Nifelheim
"Skin Peeler" - Mortician
"Give The Human Devil His Due" - Mystifier
"Mom's And Dad's Pussy" - Destroy All Monsters
"Verschierte Irrelgiositat" - Bethlehem
"Suite No.2 For Solo Cello In D Minor Prelude" - Mischa Maisky
"Some Grass" - Sleep
"Jesus Loves Me" - Rose Shepherd & Ellen M. Smith

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Produced by Randall Poster
Executive producers: Harmony Korine and Cary Woods
Guidance by Spider
Soundtrack Album Coordinator: Fosca D'Acierno
Release date: 30.06.1998
The soundtrack to the film of the same name, "Gummo" compiles a selection of hardcore, metal and industrial songs to create an enthralling listen

Comments: "Gummo" is a film and this CD features soundtracks used in this film, including shorter version (about 6,5 minutes) of Burzum's "Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Säule Der Singularität" (taken from "Filosofem" album).

© 1998 Domino Recording Company

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