Video Burzum "Burzum/Dunkelheit" - © 1996 David Palser

Burzum - "Dunkelheit" VHS from 1996, taken from the album "Filosofem". Directed by David Palser, released by Misanthropy Records. The first edition included an original art animation cell from the making of the video.

The video was made following instructions written by Varg Vikernes in prison. The song "Dunkelheit" was the first song Varg wrote for Burzum although it was released much later after an earlier recording was deemed unfit for release. He originally wanted to include it on the "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" album, but the recording was poor according to him, so he didn't use it. Varg changed the name of his band to Burzum from Uruk-Hai when he made this song in 1991.

VHS video Burzum Dunkelheit cover

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