Varg Vikernes
"Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism" 2015

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The Roots of Europe

Some Europeans are born into Christianity, and then after they grow more intelligent and get to know more they reject it and become real Europeans instead. Others are born into more agnostic families, but are still forced to grow more intelligent and knowledgeable before they can adopt a more European belief system and world view, enough to be born into truly European families.

Most of us struggle in this process. From the moment we open our eyes we are bombarded with lies, and much is done to lead us away from our roots. Everything seems to be better than our own roots, according to those who rule, and everything is okay - even Satanism - as long as we don't find back to our roots. Yes, you can even worship the fictional devil if you like to, as long as you don't pay any attention to the gods of your forebears. For anything in this world, they don't want you to find back to your roots!

Europe used to be better; healthier, cleaner, greener and happier. We had our problems in the glorious past too, sure, but all of them were healthy, and part of life on this beautiful planet. They were just good for us, as explained in The Maiden of the Labyrinth.

The problems we have today are of a different nature: they rot us from within. They destroy us and our culture. In the name of the foreign idols, they disarm us and prohibit us from defending ourselves. They remove our heritage, and replace it with foreign cultures, like they are replacing us with foreigners today. If this trend continues, with time everything European will be rooted out from Europe, just like they want it to be. Only the ruins left by our forebears will be left, for some time anyhow. We and all our achievements will be erased from history, and others will take credit for all the good we ever did. Judeo-Christianity is the reason why we risk suffering this fate.

Judeo-Christianity is a genocidal tool, created to destroy us and remove us and even our memory from the face of the Earth, and it is the basis on which all the other genocidal tools that are being used against us were created, and where they stem from.

The European genocide has been going on for up to 2000 years. It is about time we stop this. If you wish to save Europe you must first of all save us from Judeo-Christianity, in all forms and shapes, in all hues and sizes. Cast it out! Get rid of it: lock, stock and barrel!

Return to your roots! Like any tree out there, you too need your roots to survive: to grow tall and old, strong and beautiful.

Varg Vikernes


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