Varg Vikernes
"Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism" 2015

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The Power of Will

Man has a free will and is left to find his own way around in the universe, but he is not free from consequences or the impulses of nature. In ancient times this free will was seen as a sorcerous tool; a man with a strong will could by the force of his sheer will cause different effects in the world.

In the Scandinavian mythology Ôðinn ("spirit", "mind", "fury") has two brothers; Vêi ("sacred") and Vîlir ("will", "willpower"); the latter two are better known as Freyr and Þôrr respectively. Together they come up with ideas (Ôðinn), they order them (Vîlir/Þôrr) and they purify them (Vêi/Freyr). The ideas of the mind are willed through after they have been selected.

If you have any sort of problem in your life, if you are injured, sick or in pain, you can rely on your will alone to cope with it. If you want it strongly enough you will manage to jump farther or higher, run faster, hold your breath longer, stay awake longer, heal faster, keep fighting, and so forth. Your willpower is the most powerful tool you have; without it you are nothing - and those with a strong will are the masters of this world. Willpower is more important than skill, physical strength, wisdom and even good health! Your willpower is called Þôrr; the strongest of all the deities, and stronger even than all the other deities combined!

So, dear reader, why not use it also as a sorcerous tool? Just like they did in the past, when it was still commonly recognized as the strongest God! Rather than want this or that we can combine all our willpower to will through an effect in this world; the return of all the deities to Europe and a restoration of all the good that was. Our world is new and changed, and so are we, but the good, the just, the beautiful and the harmonious are still the same!

Varg Vikernes


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