Varg Vikernes
"Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism" 2015

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Goddess Unveiled

The European religion is not a monotheistic religion; the Sky God is all the Sky deities in one deity concept. Likewise, the Earth Goddess is all the Earth deities in one deity concept; she is all the deities of the earth, sea, the ice, the water, plants, trees, animals et cetera. They have both masculine and feminine qualities.

The Evolution of the Scandinavian Jôrð (English; Earth):

Norwegian: Jord
Norse: Jôrð
Proto-Nordic: Erþo

In Christianity the European Earth Goddess has been adopted as a concept, but has been reduced to being the human mother of the deity. In the European religion she is no less important than the Sky God; they are equal in value, but different from each other, like men and women are. They are a pair, and as we know a pair is needed to produce children (eternal life,). He is the blessing light, warmth and rain from the Sky, and she is the beauty and health of the Earth. Together they give everything that man needs: Sunlight (and warmth), rain and good health (beauty), and not least; children...

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