Burzum "The Ways Of Yore" 2014
Byelobog Productions

Burzum - The Ways Of Yore 2014

God from the Machine
The Portal
Heill Odinn
Lady in the Lake
The Coming of Ettins
The Reckoning of Man
Heil Freyja
The Ways of Yore
Ek Fellr (I am falling)
Hall of the Fallen
Autumn Leaves
To Hel and Back again


"The Ways of Yore" is the 12th album from Burzum. "The Ways of Yore" is similar in style to Burzumís previous ambient albums, but differ in both style and vocal expression. A mix of haunting story telling channeled through distinct vocals combined with Burzum musical genius makes "The Ways of Yore" is a very interesting and innovative sounding album with mass appeal to Burzum fans. Inspired by Burzum's in-depth knowledge of our European history and evolution, "The Ways of Yore" is a continuation of his work to explore our Forebears and to explain our human evolution.

Burzum says of the new album: "The Ways of Yore" is my first step towards something new, which at the same time is as old as the roots of Europe. With "The Ways of Yore" I try to transport the listener to the days of yore, to make them feel the past, that is still alive in their own blood.

"The Ways of Yore" was made by Burzum
Release date: 02.06.2014
Produced & mixed by Burzum
Front cover painting (Viviane and Merlin) by Gustave Doré
Design & layout by Dan Capp & Burzum
"Emptiness" and "To Hel and Back Again" are re-recorded versions of "Tomhet" ("Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" 1994) and "Til Hel og Tilbake Igjen" ("Fallen" 2011)

© 2014 Byelobog Productions

In other languages: Italiano


The Reckoning of Man

I remember the shining sanguine Sun
the frozen forests and fallen leaves,
and the hollow hill under the sky.

I remember the complex cold caverns,
the long tranquil tunnels
and the large underground lakes.

I remember the dim depths of the Earth,
the lucid lady in the light
and her sacred stanza.

I remember the bright beast in her boat,
the tall troll telling her tales,
and the honey in the haunted hollow.

I remember the protected password,
the secret soothing symbol
and the old Odal objects.

I remember the red runes on the rock,
the spell of seeing being sung,
and the bold opening up of the beautiful burrow.

I remember the coming of man reborn,
the birth of Baldur the bright,
the return of a world that was woefully lost.

The Coming of Ettins

An icy rock came from the stars.
It melted on Earth,
dripping hearts of stone;
they grew into abominable horrors.

There was no end to it.
The ettins consumed the Earth
with dangerous sorcery
and neverending hunger.

Until they came,
the three gods:
WôdhanaR, ThunaR and FraujaR.
They cast the horror into the abyss.

But many ettins remain,
dead and cold but alive,
dreaming and waiting
in the deep and dark places of the Earth.

The Lady in the Lake

She came from the water.
Bold and beautiful.
Mighty sorceress from below.

Hall of the Fallen

Hung in the tree of life.
Wounded. Bleeding.
I fall from the hall of gods!

The bond has been cut.
I cannot stand, nor speak.
I cannot crawl, nor think clearly.
I start over again. And again. And again.

The bond has been cut.
The tree has fallen.
The life of a god,
returns. Again.

There is no death for the honourable.
There is no end for the honourable.

Only eternal rebirth.

The Ways of Yore

Lights in the lake.
Flickering phantoms.
Dancers in the deep.
White wonderful world.




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